Collie: Dog Breed Description

Collie is easily recognizable by its characteristic elongated muzzle and, of course, coloration. This is a very intelligent breed of dog, giving all its strength to its work, since the Collie is a herding breed. This dog can be safely trusted with children of any age, provided, of course, that it has been properly socialized and has undergone the necessary training.


It is a naturally friendly breed of dog, which makes it an excellent domestic companion. Collie is an obedient dog, perhaps somewhat stubborn, but endlessly affectionate. It is believed that the Collie is the most easily trainable breed of dog. He is always confident in himself, very nice, welcoming and deserves complete trust.


Collie has a very even temperament and pleasant demeanor. No wonder many people get this particular dog, especially if there are already children, dogs or other animals in the house – collies are very calm and non-aggressive. Since this breed was originally bred for herding purposes, some dogs of this breed may have the habit of grabbing people or other animals by the ankles, but this usually quickly disappears even in puppyhood. Collie is always ready to learn to understand you, he is very devoted and will give you his great love from the bottom of his heart.

Wool and care

While most of us are accustomed to seeing a Rough Collie, it can also be a short-haired one. The color of one and the other species is exactly the same. It is usually tricolor (black, white and brown), although marble blue and sable and white are perfectly acceptable. This dog requires significantly more grooming than the Short-haired Collie. It is necessary to thoroughly remove any dead or fallen hairs with daily brushing, and also carefully comb the dog in order to prevent tangling of the coat. In addition, the Rough Collie should be bathed at least once a month, as its long and luxurious coat gets dirty very quickly. Collie has a seasonal and rather abundant shedding.


This very intelligent breed is incredibly easy to train. Since the Collie is a very sensitive dog, she needs a soft and affectionate owner or trainer, otherwise, the Collie will become too timid and may generally withdraw into herself and refuse to make contact. And since earlier Collies were usually trained in pastoral sciences and wisdom, dogs of this breed have developed a great desire to win the favor of their owner and his sympathy.


Since the Collie is a fairly large breed, it is best if he has a medium-sized yard at his disposal. Although, if you devote enough time to walking and training with the dog, the Collie can be kept in an apartment as well. It is not recommended to leave this dog for a long time in the heat under the scorching sun, but if there is sufficient shelter, shade and water, then everything will be in perfect order.

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