Curly-coated retriever: Dog Breed Description

The Curly-coated retriever is one of the oldest breeds in the Retriever group. Bred in England, this breed was a favorite among English hunters, who quite deservedly admired the extraordinary abilities of these dogs in hunting for game. The Curly-coated retriever is still extremely popular in New Zealand and Australia today. But in the rest of the world, this breed of dog is quite rare, and it is very difficult to acquire this Retriever here.


An exceptionally brave, persistent and, at the same time, graceful breed. The Curly-coated retriever is truly great in the field. It is a strong, muscular, well-built and balanced dog. This dog looks extremely confident and elegant; it is both a hunting dog and a good friend to its owner.


The Curly-coated retriever is a loyal, affectionate and sensitive breed of dog. He is great with children, other dogs and pets. In relation to strangers, he is aloof and extremely cold, but shows aggression, only if he really feels danger. The Curly-coated retriever is an extremely well-mannered dog, full of dignity but friendly.

Wool and care

The Curly-coated retriever has a unique coat that can be called its distinctive feature. The trunk and ears are covered with a dense mass of dense, steep, small curls, adjoining very close to the skin of the dog. On the legs, muzzle and forehead – the coat is smooth, short and straight. The fur coat perfectly protects the Retriever from water and any weather troubles. Shedding of medium intensity. The Curly-coated retriever requires minimal grooming. It is enough to brush the dog from time to time with a stiff brush. You can bathe the Retriever only if necessary, using a mild shampoo so as not to violate the protective properties of the coat. It is also recommended to regularly check the dog’s ears so that dirt does not accumulate there and infectious processes do not occur. Common diseases for this breed are eye problems, epilepsy and hip dysplasia.


The Curly-coated retriever is a sensitive, independent and sometimes very stubborn breed of dog. Therefore, it is very important to socialize early and take a general obedience course with your dog. It is important that the lessons take the form of short and varied lessons, since endless repetitions of the same thing quickly bore the dog. The Curly-coated retriever does not perceive being conducted on the basis of firmness, fairness, and consistency.


A curly-haired retriever should not be kept in an apartment. This is a great indoor companion, but it also needs work outside the home, so this breed is best suited for rural environments. The Curly-coated retriever needs a significant amount of physical activity and stimulation of its keen mind. He enjoys and exhibits special talents in swimming, tracking, hunting, agility competitions, obedience, and as a guard dog.

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