Doberman Puppy: How To Choose

Before you go after a Doberman puppy, carefully consider why you need a pet. The Doberman is a serious service dog capable of being a reliable guard and protector. But it will also demand a lot from the owner.

Are you and other family members able to exercise maximum patience, perseverance and consistency in raising and training your dog? Do you have enough time, money, determination and enthusiasm? The walks will take at least an hour a day – can you spend that much time outdoors? And not in the mode of a sandwich picnic, but actively moving. Is there enough room in the apartment for a large dog?

There are differences between males and females. The latter are more affectionate, they choose one of the family members for the role of master, whom they listen to. But gender is not as important as your parenting ability.

Who exactly do you need: a show star, a pet, or a serious bodyguard? The class of the dog depends on it. “Show” – these are dogs for exhibitions, the main thing in them is the exterior. “Pat” is a companion: he is unlikely to become a champion in exterior, but he is able to be a great friend and will cost less. “Breed” includes the skeleton of the breed, combining all the valuable traits.

However, regardless of your goals, you need a healthy Doberman puppy with a normal psyche.

Study the breed standard, visit exhibitions, communicate with experts.

Get to know the parents of a potential pet, study their pedigrees, ask about their success. Both parents must have a course of obedience behind them, as well as a special training course: ZKS, IPO, CC, etc. This reduces the likelihood that you will get a four-legged friend with poor mental health.

The mother must be in good shape.

It is not worth buying a Doberman puppy from the market. Go to a good nursery, to a trusted breeder. Ask when was the last mating (at least a year must pass).

The Doberman puppy for sale must be at least 2 months old.

A healthy thoroughbred Doberman puppy has an almost square body, good bones, a wide back, a rather long neck, bright dark eyes. The head has wide jaws, a well-defined chin and a forehead line. The chest is broad, the elbows are well tucked. It’s great if the Doberman puppy has a bright tan – it indicates an excellent immune system. Normally, a Doberman puppy has excellent appetite and shiny coat.

Check for a hernia.

A Doberman puppy should be cheerful and agile. If he chokes with hysterical barking or hides, it is better to refuse to buy.

Ask if you have been vaccinated (if so, which ones). Ask for a puppy card with the stamp number and veterinary passport.

A puppy needs plenty of space and fresh air to grow and develop normally. But keep in mind that the Doberman is a smooth-haired breed, and in a harsh climate they are very uncomfortable.

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