English bulldog: Dog Breed Description

One of the most “gentlemanly” breeds, the English Bulldog does not lose its popularity over the years. Although originally used in bull-baiting, and have a rather frightening appearance, in fact, they are very affectionate and surprisingly gentle with their owners. English Bulldogs get along very well with children. These are very strong dogs that are difficult to knock down, and therefore they calmly accept many children’s pranks.


The English Bulldog is a snub-nosed and stocky dog ​​that is extremely fond of human attention. A very reliable, loving and affectionate breed, these dogs make excellent companions for children and adults. In addition, this Bulldog gets along well with other dogs and cats. He is always ready to obey the wishes of his owner.


The English Bulldog can demonstrate dominant behavior, and therefore it is necessary that he be explained from a very early age who is the boss. A great pet for a loving family, the Bulldog is ready to give all his love and attention, and certainly expects to receive the same in return. With adequate training, this breed can be used as a guard and guard dog.

Wool and care

The English Bulldog has a very short coat. The hairs are smooth, even, straight, close to the dog’s body and very pleasant to the touch. Loose or dead hair is very convenient to remove with a regular rubber brush. You can also use a small comb for this purpose. Molting is of medium intensity, if necessary, the dog can be bathed. A damp cloth should regularly wipe the dog’s face and all skin folds on its torso.


A dog of this breed requires a steady hand and constant training. Since the English Bulldog is quite lazy in itself, it does not need to be physically active too often. It shows itself well as a guard or watchdog. For the English Bulldog to have really good manners, it needs a dominant owner.


The English Bulldog does not require a lot of physical training, but he extremely loves to go for short walks. Representatives of this breed are extremely easily tired and, like other flat-faced dogs, they constantly need to have water at their disposal for drinking.

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