English Pointer: Dog Breed Description

Bred in 1650, the English Pointer was designed to search for hares and a bird sitting on the ground. This breed received its name – Pointer (pointer) due to the characteristic posture taken by the dog that finds the game. And today, the English Pointer continues to be an extremely popular hunting dog and a true friend for its owner.


The English Pointer is a proud and truly aristocratic dog. His whole appearance demonstrates a constant readiness for work. This dog has an athletic, muscular build and is a strong animal with graceful and fluid movements.


An affectionate, loyal, and loyal breed, the English Pointer is responsive, calm and level-headed by nature. He treats other dogs well and gets along well with other pets, especially those that grew up with him in the same house. Behaves well with children, although if the children are still small, then you need to monitor their behavior. The English Pointer is rather cold with strangers and in case of any suspicious noise or unexpected guests, he will quickly notify the rest of the family about it.

Wool and care

The English Pointer has a smooth, dense and short coat with a natural sheen. It is recommended to regularly clean it with a stiff bristled brush. You can bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary. Check your pet’s ears and paw pads periodically to make sure there is no accumulation of dirt or debris. Most common in this dog are skin conditions, thyroid problems, hip dysplasia and short stature.


The English pointer is very easily distracted from the learning process and is rather intractable. However, he usually displays remarkable intelligence. It is necessary to conduct early socialization with him and undergo a general training course. Classes should be structured as short and varied lessons. No harsh or arbitrary methods should be used; training should be conducted on the basis of firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.


An English Pointer dog should not be kept in a city apartment. They feel best in the countryside or on a farm, where they will have enough space for free walks in nature. This is a very energetic dog that requires active daily training. It shows its best on the hunt, makes an excellent jogging companion and simply cannot be overlooked in the field.

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