English Springer Spaniel: Dog Breed Description

This is a fairly old breed of dog, considered the main ancestor, from which all modern Spaniels descended. The English Springer Spaniel is the largest spaniel of the entire family. Dogs of this breed can be seen quite often in the paintings of Renaissance artists and – no wonder. After all, almost every European hunter at that time necessarily had a Springer Spaniel. In the 18th century, this breed gained popularity in America as well. Today it is customary to distinguish between two “types” of the English Springer Spaniel: one that is intended for performances in the show ring – the “show breed”, and one that is intended for hunting and / or field trials – the “field breed”


The English Springer Spaniel not only excels in both land and water hunting, but it is also an ideal companion animal. It is a compact, medium-sized breed that is extremely athletic at the same time. With all their appearance, these dogs radiate trust, kindness, and vigilance. The English Springer Spaniel is hardy, sturdy, faster and stronger than all other spaniels.


English Springer Spaniels have an outgoing, social and gentle disposition. Moreover, they are brave, very intelligent, and completely sincere. They communicate with children in the most wonderful way and love literally everyone. The English Springer Spaniel really needs to communicate with a person, and therefore should spend as much time as possible with his family. If you do not pay enough attention to him or leave him alone for too long, his character can become destructive, your pet can begin to spoil the surrounding objects and will bark endlessly. And although English Springer Spaniels get along quite peacefully with other pets, they can have difficulty communicating with dogs of the same sex. Born hunters, they are not suitable for homes with birds.

Wool and care

The English Springer Spaniel has a glossy, close-fitting coat of moderate length, which very well protects the dog from any weather conditions. On the chest, chest, ears and legs, longer strands form a kind of “decoration”. The color can be black and white, chestnut or white with chestnut markings. Shedding – medium intensity. Dogs of this breed require regular brushing with a stiff bristled brush. Bathe your dog or apply dry shampoo only when it really becomes necessary. Be sure to constantly check and clean your pet’s ears. Trim long strands of hair on your legs, otherwise the English Springer Spaniel will pick up all the thorns and all the debris that gets in its way. Dysplasia of the hip joint, progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy are characteristic of this breed. Since these dogs gain weight extremely quickly, which leads to obesity, it is imperative to monitor their diet and not overfeed. It has recently been discovered that the English Springer Spaniel may suffer from what is known as “Anger Syndrome”. A fairly rare condition, this syndrome causes a normal dog to suddenly go berserk and viciously attack everyone. In this syndrome, the English Springer Spaniel does not respond to any commands. It has been established that this disease is a form of epilepsy and needs appropriate treatment.


Early intensive socialization and obedience training will only benefit the English Springer Spaniel. Teaching should be conducted with firmness, fairness, praise, and sufficient consistency. Dogs of this breed stand out in such disciplines as agility, flyball, searching and tracking, obedience and, of course, hunting. In addition, English Springer Spaniels are successfully used in canistherapy.


This is a very energetic dog that requires daily training and exercise. They feel good both in a city apartment and in a rural house. The English Springer Spaniel enjoys long walks, cycling, ball games and swimming. If you pay enough attention to your dog, then you will have absolutely no problems with him.

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