English Toy Spaniel: Dog Breed Description

The English Toy Spaniel descended from the small, athletic spaniels that were extremely popular in the English royal court, in particular, were the favorites of King Charles II, whose name they eventually got. In North America, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel became known as the English Toy Spaniel. During the 19th century, this breed was crossed several times with Pekingese and Pugs, giving this breed today its characteristic charming snub nose.


The English Toy Spaniel is the smallest of the entire spaniel family. They are extremely well proportioned and sturdily built and very compact. The characteristic features of the Toy Spaniel are the already mentioned short nose and dome-shaped head. With all its appearance, this dog demonstrates its true royal origin.


The English Toy Spaniel is a gentle, extremely friendly, affectionate and simply adorable dog. This is a loyal, loyal breed that does its best to spend as much time as possible with its family. Gets along well with older children in the house and other pets. This little English Spaniel is a very social, undemanding, quiet dog that makes the perfect family companion.

Wool and care

The coat of the English Toy Spaniel can be straight or slightly wavy, glossy and silky to the touch. There is a thicker and longer “frill” on the torso, chest and ears, and longer strands on the legs and feet. Shedding – medium intensity. In order to minimize hair loss, this dog requires regular brushing with a stiff brush. Bathe your dog only if necessary, using a mild shampoo. Daily cleaning of the ears and eyes is essential for this breed. Like all short-faced dogs, English Toy Spaniels often snore during sleep and wheeze when breathing. You should not get a dog of this breed in countries with hot and humid climates. The most common conditions are heart disease, ear infections, dislocated knee joints, eye problems, and respiratory ailments. The Toy Spaniel must be protected from both extreme heat and cold.


It is recommended to socialize the dog in a timely manner and give it a general understanding of obedience. The English Toy Spaniel is a very quick-witted dog that strives with all its might to earn praise from its owner. Although sometimes he, too, can be stubborn or capricious. Teaching should be conducted with a firmness, fairness and consistency.


The English Toy Spaniel does not require any physical or sports activity, and therefore feels great in a city apartment. And although he has enough space indoors, he really enjoys short walks on a leash.

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