Field Spaniel: Dog Breed Description

This breed was bred by English breeders through careful selection work from the English Cocker Spaniel. During the 19th century, due to the ceased work in this area, the Field Spaniel was considered almost completely lost. However, in the early 20s of the 20th century, he was again restored, and turned into an excellent hunting dog. Although in the rest of the world, in particular on the American continent, this breed of spaniels is practically unknown due to the extreme popularity of Springer and Cocker Spaniels.


A well-balanced, medium-sized breed, the Field Spaniel is simply the epitome of usefulness, beauty, hunting dog and companion. Dogs of this breed are simply created to work on land and on water, and regardless of the severity of the field conditions. The Field Spaniel is a noble, proud and obedient dog, full of enthusiasm and extremely attached to its owner.


The Field Spaniel is considered to have the best temperament of the vast family of spaniels. These dogs are playful, intelligent, extremely sweet and have wonderful manners about nature. And although the Field Spaniel can be quite cold towards strangers, in general they are extremely friendly and do not have enmity towards anyone. They are extremely independent in nature and can sometimes be stubborn. The Field Spaniel is excellent for those kids who know how to handle a dog. He also has good and even relationships with other dogs or other pets. Usually, the Field Spaniel chooses only one owner from the whole family, and he simply ignores all the rest. He desperately needs constant communication with a person, and if he is deprived of this, then the development of numerous neuroses is likely. He loves to wear diamonds and has a protective vigilance: he is always ready to inform you about the appearance of guests or about some suspicious sounds.

Wool and care

The Field Spaniel has a smooth or slightly wavy coat of moderate length. Since the structure of the coat is quite dense, it protects the dog well from bad weather. The coat is silky to the touch, shiny, and, like the Setter, there are beautiful long strands on the chest, back of the legs and underneath the body of the dog. The most common color is black, but chestnut, golden chestnut or mahogany red are quite acceptable. Brown markings or freckles may be present. The Field Spaniel must be cleaned and combed at least twice a week, and the dog must be taken to a professional groomer every three months. Remember to check and clean your pet’s long, delicate ears regularly. The most common diseases for this breed are hip dysplasia, thyroid problems, infections in the ears and eye diseases. It is preferable to start this dog in countries with cool climates.


In order to prevent the development of timidity and aggression in a dog, the Field Spaniel needs early socialization. Dogs of this breed generally love when they have something to do. They are easily trained, but they have an extremely sensitive and nervous nature, so the use of rude or arbitrary methods is simply unacceptable. The Field Spaniel needs solid, fair, consistent training built on love and respect for the dog. They are very talented in hunting, searching and tracking down game.


An extremely lively and active dog of this breed is completely unsuitable for a person accustomed to leading a sedentary lifestyle. The Field Spaniel is always ready to take off and run somewhere. It is not recommended to start this breed for those who permanently live in a city apartment. Indoors, the Field Spaniel is moderately active, but needs a large, securely fenced yard or house in the countryside. In order for him to be truly happy, swimming, ball games, jogging and, of course, hunting are vital for him.

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