Fila Brasileiro: Dog Breed Description

A strong and brave breed, the Brazilian Mastiff, better known as the Fila Brasileiro, is a loyal and loyal pet. He has an incredibly strong by nature instinct to protect both his master and his territory. At the same time, the Brazilian Mastiff remains an incredibly loving dog. This strong protective instinct creates certain inconveniences, since this dog always has to be kept on a short leash so that some situation does not accidentally provoke aggression.


If the Brazilian Mastiff is socialized from the first days of his life, he will behave well with children, provided that they do not pester him too much. Confident in himself and in his abilities, Fila Brasileiro is the ideal pet for the person who is looking for a good guard, while remaining absolutely obedient. It is for these purposes that dogs of this breed are usually used.


The Fila Brasileiro is definitely not a breed for everyone. He is incredibly strong physically and can be a real challenge even for a wearer with average experience. It is imperative that the dog is taken from a nursery that is responsible for breeding this breed. If the Brazilian Mastiff senses danger to itself or to its owner, it can become extremely aggressive.

Wool and care

Fila Brasileiro has a very short coat and dogs of this breed do not require any special care. The structure of the coat is smooth, dense and soft, partially protecting the dog from bad weather. Cleaning with a hard bristle brush is sufficient. Shedding of medium intensity; in order to remove fallen and dead hairs, it is quite enough to regularly wipe the dog with a damp cloth. You can only bathe if necessary. Since Fila Brasileiro has a very short and smooth coat, it must be protected from the cold at all times.


This strong powerful dog should be started only by those owners who have sufficient experience. It is recommended that you take the course of obedience and repeat it over and over again from time to time. The Brazilian Mastiff is sometimes very difficult to control. In order for a dog to be obedient and well-mannered, it needs an actively dominant owner.


A dog as large and as active as Fila Brasileiro requires a large and securely fenced yard. Therefore, a dog of this breed is usually recommended only for those who live in the countryside. Although the Brazilian Mastiff can be kept in an apartment, provided that you devote enough time to it. This dog not only needs regular walks on a leash, but also the ability to walk freely in a safe and calm place.

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