Flat-coated Retriever: Dog Breed Description

The Flat-coated Retriever was bred in the 19th century and is a cross between the Irish Setter, Labrador, Water Dog and Newfoundland St. John. It is assumed that Collie took part in the creation of this dog. In any case, dogs of this breed are excellent swimmers, hunting gun dogs and wonderful companions. They are often confused with Labradors or Golden Retrievers, but they are a completely separate breed. The Flat-coated Retriever exhibits exceptional talents in hunting, tracking, hunting, agility and obedience. However, with proper training, dogs of this breed show remarkable results in many sports and, in addition, they make true and loyal friends.


The Flat-coated Retriever has an extremely courageous and loyal character. A dog of this breed is incredibly hungry for human attention and feels especially well in a large family, where the Retriever can truly be the center of attention. This is a very affectionate gentle sensitive and affectionate breed, which also has a great sense of humor and, undoubtedly, with its funny antics will make your life much brighter. At the same time, the Flat-coated Retriever is very obedient by nature and has a calm, even character, but, like all dogs, it needs proper training and socialization.


The Flat-coated Retriever has a very cheerful and easy-going personality. He gets along well with absolutely everyone, including small children, and gets along exceptionally well with other dogs. The Flat-coated Retriever is a very intelligent breed that seeks to earn universal love, but really requires in return a good attitude and affection from a person. A dog of this breed cannot be kept in a kennel or in an open-air cage outside, and although the Flat-coated Retriever, like all dogs, loves to walk very much. It should be kept in the home so that it truly becomes a part of your family. In general, he succeeds quite easily, since the Flat-coated Retriever is able to steal the heart of anyone he meets on his way. He has such a funny, loving, conquering and friendly personality. It makes an excellent pet for a family of absolutely any type.

Wool and care

The coat of the Flat-coated Retriever is evenly distributed throughout its body and has an average length, it is straight and smooth, as the very name of this breed implies. The coat should not curl or be silky to the touch, although a slight wave is acceptable. There are thicker and longer strands along the dog’s tail, paws, neck and lower torso, which should not be overly soft or have a curly structure. These additional decorations on the dog’s lower torso require a little more maintenance. In general, the dog needs to be regularly cleaned with a stiff brush, but you can bathe only in case of urgent need. Please note that debris and burdocks often collect on the long strands in the lower part of the dog’s body, especially if you allow free walks. Therefore, the wool should be checked for this item every time. Since the coat of this breed is natural in length, additional trimming is not required, unless only in exceptional cases.


The Flat-coated Retriever is a very intelligent and trainable dog that will make a great student. This is a very fun and energetic breed that requires consistent training, however, the constant repetition of the same will cause the dog to quickly lose interest. Do not demand excessive discipline from the Flat-coated Retriever; positive reinforcement and some error correction work best. A curriculum made up of many short and varied lessons, especially if taught in the form of playing with a dog, will be most effective. The Flat-coated Retriever will not be distracted and will easily show everything that he is capable of.


The Flat-coated Retriever is a large dog that truly enjoys walking, running, playing or accompanying its owner on his daily jogging. The ebullient energy of this dog requires an outlet, which means that it needs at least 2 hours of active walks or sports exercises daily. It is best if the Flat-coated Retriever has at least a medium-sized and well-fenced yard at its disposal. If you do not have one, then do not forget to take the dog out on long walks every day, which it absolutely needs. And since the Flat-coated Retriever loves not only the usual walks, but also all kinds of fun, the most suitable for him is a family that loves various outdoor activities where the dog could take part.

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