French Bulldog: Dog Breed Description

The French Bulldog is a small but very energetic breed. It has large, rounded, bat-like ears and a square, flat head, similar to that of an English Bulldog, but somewhat smaller. Dogs of this breed have very soft and delicate skin, which makes them real pets. Very funny little dogs that will always create a cheerful mood for you and at the same time turn out to be real friends.


The French Bulldog has a very even and likable personality, which makes him an excellent candidate for the role of a home companion. French Bulldogs are very playful, but some males can be very aggressive, especially towards other males. This breed gets along well with most other animals and gets along well with older children.


This funny little dog makes a wonderful and very gentle companion. Alert and clingy, the French Bulldog really needs a lot of human attention and care. This breed cannot be kept in a kennel, it must always remain surrounded by members of its family. With proper socialization, this dog can get along well with other dogs, but you should not leave him alone with small children, as the French Bulldog will not tolerate being rude to himself.

Wool and care

The French Bulldog has an athletic build and has a very short and smooth coat that is somewhat soft and pleasant to the touch. A dog of this breed does not require much care, it is only important to regularly clean all the folds of his delicate skin. Molting is of medium intensity and does not present any particular problems. Dead or fallen hairs are easily removed with a special rubber glove. Due to the flat muzzle, the French Bulldog is prone to drooling, so it should be regularly wiped down with a special napkin. Bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary.


The French Bulldog can be somewhat stubborn and therefore requires consistent training. But even in spite of the fact that this is a rather strong breed, one should not apply too harsh methods of upbringing to him. The most patient handler can achieve the best results. With the right course of study, you can get quite far.


Since the French Bulldog has a flat, short muzzle, it has some breathing problems, which means that during the heat it can very easily overheat. Therefore, it must be provided with shade and water for drinking. The French Bulldog is not suitable for keeping outside the home, on the street. Avoid exercising with your pet in hot weather as this can easily cause heat stroke. If you really want to play with your dog, do it in a spacious, and most importantly, cool room.

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