German Pinscher: Dog Breed Description

They say that the German Pinscher is Germany’s biggest secret. The German Pinscher can be the perfect companion dog. This rare breed has an excellent sense of humor, is brave, unpretentious, cold-blooded and resilient. Alive, yet obedient, quite versatile, and a good guard dog, the German Pinscher is an excellent obedience trainer. However, he can be quite stubborn and strive to seize dominance, so he needs to be explained from the very beginning who is the boss.


The German Pinscher is a very loyal, alert and playful dog. This breed really requires adequate socialization even as a puppy, as they are very wary of strangers. These are energetic dogs that get real pleasure from the company of their owners. With proper socialization, the German Pinscher gets along well with children and other pets.


It is not surprising that these dogs make excellent domestic watchmen and companions. Pinscher has a clear voice, however, it only barks if it’s really necessary. However, from his point of view, this can be quite common. But this has its advantages, in any case, you will always be warned about the visit of guests. A dog of this breed should understand that when there is no one at home, it is fully responsible for everything that happens here, but when the owners of the house, its powers end there.

Wool and care

Short and dense, smooth and shiny coat, close to the body and covers it with an even layer. Strong, smooth, glossy, it requires very little maintenance. The only thing to do is to clean the dog from time to time with a rubber glove in order to remove fallen or dead hairs. And there are not so many of them, since the molt of this breed is rather moderate.


The key to training the German Pinscher is consistency. This is a very intelligent dog, which is not only easy to learn, but also actively strives to learn, and therefore is simply an excellent student.


The German Pinscher requires a significant amount of physical activity. He is always ready to accompany you on your morning jog or while cycling, while playing in the yard or just walking. The dog needs to be walked daily for a long time, in general, he will not let you get bored.

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