German Wirehaired Pointer: Dog Breed Description

The German Wirehaired Pointer, or as it is often called – Drathaar, was bred in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a versatile gun dog capable of hunting any game, in any landscape. She shows the professional qualities of a Pointer, Retriever and Spaniel. The German Wirehaired Pointer is a medium-sized, well-balanced dog with webbed feet, which greatly assists in swimming.


The German Wirehaired Pointer is a noble animal with a characteristic and memorable appearance, an attentive and lively expression of the muzzle. Drathaar is muscular, with a strong constitution, hardy, showing versatile qualities and amazing strength. He is very alert and extremely loyal to his master.


This is a very affectionate and active breed. Drathaars love to learn, are happy when they have something to do and are happy to spend time with their owner. The German Wirehaired Pointer gets along well with older children. But because he is extremely attached to his owner, he can show jealousy from time to time. Usually finds common language with other dogs or pets, but may try to dominate them. Dogs of this breed are extremely suspicious of strangers, and therefore they make excellent watchdogs.

Wool and care

The coat of this breed is coarse, straight, resembles a wire in its structure and protects the dog well from bad weather. Its length is about 5 cm and a thick and dense undercoat is located underneath. This combination makes the German Wirehaired Pointer’s coat water-repellent and protects it from the sharp thorns of thorns and blackberries. Dogs of this breed have a characteristic beard and mustache, and bangs are located on the forehead, protecting the eyes and muzzle of the dog. The color is usually chestnut with white, spotted, speckled or roan. Or maybe just – solid chocolate. Shedding – medium intensity. The German Wirehaired Pointer should be brushed twice a week. Periodically, the dog needs trimming in order to remove excess dead hair. You can only bathe if absolutely necessary. It is important to keep your dog’s ears clean and every time you hunt, work in the field, or go outdoors to check the paws to make sure they are clean and not wet. Typical diseases for this breed are hip dysplasia, ear infections, hereditary eye disease and skin cancer.


This breed requires early socialization towards humans and other dogs. The German Wirehaired Pointer can be stubborn and intractable, but most often it seeks to earn the praise of its master. It is very important to train your dog in obedience based on patience, firmness and consistency. Drathaars excel especially in agility, tracking and hunting.


The German Wirehaired Pointer is very energetic and active by nature. Therefore, it is important that he has the opportunity to actively and consistently train. Best of all, this dog is suitable for an active family. The Drathaar makes an excellent companion not only for jogging, but also for swimming, as this dog just loves to swim. It is not recommended to keep this dog in the apartment, because by its nature the German Wirehaired Pointer is very active even indoors. In the absence of the necessary physical or sports activity, the character of Drathaar can become destructive and extremely restless. For a healthy and active full-fledged life, the German Wirehaired Pointer needs quite a lot of space in which to run freely.

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