Giant Schnauzer: Dog Breed Description

The Giant Schnauzer is the largest schnauzer species. This versatile breed was bred in Germany as a guard and herding breed, but the Giant Schnauzer can also be a companion dog. This breed is quite popular in Europe, but rarely found in the USA.


The Giant Schnauzer is a large, powerful and elegant dog. She is very hardy, independent and brave. This dog can withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions. The proud and determined Giant Schnauzer is a loyal and reliable pet.


This dog is loving and responsible. She appreciates the attention of the owners and does not like to be alone. The Giant Schnauzer is not suitable for novice dog breeders, inactive owners and families where both adults work. This is a very difficult breed and therefore needs an understanding and patient owner. This is very smart and can become an excellent watchdog, since it has a developed protective instinct. This breed gets along well with children under 14 years old, but does not get along with pets.

Wool and care

The Giant Schnauzer has a double coat. The outer layer is dense and dense, while the lower layer is thick and soft. On the muzzle, the coat forms bushy eyebrows and a beard. Also, on the legs of the dog, the hair is thicker than on the rest of the body. The color of the Giant Schnauzer can be pure black, or it can be black and silver (salt and pepper). This breed sheds little and only changes down. This dog needs to be brushed weekly, as mats are constantly forming on it. This dog must be taken to a professional grooming procedure at least four times a year. Particular attention should be paid to the fur around the eyes, ears, and the dog’s beard – these places are constantly getting dirty during meals, and therefore need more frequent cleaning. Bathing or cleansing with dry shampoo should only be done when necessary. This breed is prone to cancer, bloating, hip dysplasia and epilepsy.


The Giant Schnauzer needs early and intense socialization. He also needs a strong, dominant owner who can show who is in charge in the house. This dog easily learns to relieve himself on the street, and he masters other canine wisdom without any problems. The Giant Schnauzer needs consistent and fair training, and for every success the dog should be rewarded with something. This breed shows outstanding results in all types of canine sports, and can also be used for work in the police and for psychological therapy.


The Giant Schnauzer needs constant heavy physical exertion, so he is not suitable for living in a city apartment, he needs to live in a country house with a large plot. Most of all, this breed loves to play with the family and complete various tasks.

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