Golden Retriever: Dog Breed Description

The Golden Retriever was bred in the 19th century in Great Britain. The “father” of this famous breed is Lord Tweedmouth, who wanted to breed a dog that would be loyal, kind, lively and energetic. He also wanted this dog to love water and be able to track game. As a result, the Golden Retriever has turned out – a living embodiment of beauty and ingenuity.


The Golden Retriever is a gorgeous, large and energetic dog. It is the world’s most popular pet and companion. Strong, well-proportioned and well-built dogs of this breed are also valued for their great ability to hunt in the field and in the water. They are shrewd and agile.


Golden Retrievers are attractive, polite and highly intelligent. They simply exude charm and reliability. They are sweet and very eager to earn praise from their master, they are loyal family companions. This dog should not be left alone for long periods of time, this dog can become bored and his temper can be noticeably deteriorated. Dogs of this breed can be overly lively and easily switch their attention. They are extremely gentle and patient with children. They also treat other pets peacefully. In fact, these dogs absolutely and in whom do not see enemies and if they bark, then only in the form of a greeting. You should not get this dog if all members of your family are concerned about their careers. The Golden Retriever needs constant human attention.

Wool and care

The Golden Retriever has a double, water-repellent and weather-resistant coat. The outer layer is dense, elastic, can be either wavy or straight. The tail and paws of the dog are decorated with longer strands of hair. The undercoat is dense and soft in structure. The color is very rich, lustrous, with shades ranging from cream to gold. Molting is quite active; the Golden Retriever requires daily and thorough brushing with a dense bristle brush. Dry shampoo should be used regularly, and you can bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary. Typical diseases are hip dysplasia, cataracts and skin allergies. It is important to ensure that the Golden Retriever does not overeat, as this breed gains excess weight very quickly.


The Golden Retriever is one of the easiest breeds to train. These dogs perform well in obedience, various duties and are almost indispensable in canistherapy. They have many other talents including agility, drug discovery, and learning all kinds of tricks.


The Golden Retriever needs daily training. He takes part in all kinds of family activities and games with pleasure, loves to look for balls and other toys. If he has enough opportunities for an active lifestyle, the Golden Retriever feels great in a city apartment. He behaves rather calmly in the room and is very pleased if he has a large and well-fenced yard at his disposal.

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