Goldendoodle: Dog Breed Description

The Goldendoodle is a designer dog breed, a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. And, of course, he took a little bit from each of his “parents”. The Goldendoodle is an extremely family-oriented dog, just like the Golden Retriever, as if it weighed no more than 10 kilograms. Smaller Goldendoodles are more similar in character to Toy Poodles.

This is not a hunting dog at all, but it really enjoys outdoor games or simply in the fresh air. Goldendoodle is completely non-aggressive and very friendly towards both children and other pets. Sometimes, in order to achieve more variety in colors, Goldendoodle is crossed with another poodle. In the first generation of Goldendoodles, molting of this breed is minimal. This is not surprising, because when breeding this breed, the initial goal was to minimize molt. Dogs of this breed are happy to take part in all family activities. But they can just sit next to you at home. Genetic issues are minimal, although excessive dry skin and food allergies can occur, as in the Golden Retriever.


The Goldendoodle is a very fluffy dog, with long or not very long hanging ears. In adult Goldendoodles, a beard characteristic of this breed appears on the muzzle. Unlike many other dogs, Goldendoodle is fully mature by one year and is very family oriented. A luxurious fluffy tail develops cheerfully over Golden’s back, and a smile is always “drawn” on his face. This is such a dog.


If the breeder really cares about the quality of the breed, the Goldendoodle will end up soft and fluffy, regardless of whether it is about his appearance or his character. They are very intelligent, friendly towards strangers and other pets, and they truly enjoy communicating with their owner or his family. Until now, not a single case is known that Goldendoodle has bitten someone. Behavioral problems can arise from loneliness if you often lock up your dog or do not give it enough attention. Or – simply because you cannot establish normal human relations with the dog. In order for Goldendoodle to become a truly magnificent pet, it is recommended to teach him the necessary obedience from an early age.

Wool and care

Goldendoodle can have two types of coat: shaggy and wavy, or Shaggy / wavy with loose curls. A Golden Retriever should not have a tightly curled coat like a purebred Poodle or a smooth coat like a Golden Retriever. From the moment of the birth of Goldendoodle until the time when he is one year old, that is, until the moment he becomes an adult dog, his coat can change about 10-15 times. And only after the dog’s coat is fully formed, it begins to require some kind of care. Shedding is moderate, the coat is in one layer. Taking care of Goldendoodle is pretty easy. Like all other Poodle crosses, these dogs are recommended for keeping to those people who have moderate allergies.


Goldendoodle actively seeks to please his master and is very fond of learning. The key to successful learning is consistency and positive reinforcement. But rude or arbitrary methods can only scare the dog.


Goldendoodle is calm indoors and outdoors, but he should be taken for a walk at least several times a week. Especially if you do not have a fenced yard where this dog could walk freely. If you teach Golden to swim at an early age, he will truly enjoy it.

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