Gordon Setter: Dog Breed Description

Bred in the 17th century in Scotland, the Gordon Setter or Scottish Setter quickly gained particular popularity due to its hunting talents. This breed of dogs got its name in honor of its official founder, the 4th Duke of Gordon. It is the only Scottish Gun Dog that has been bred specifically for hunting game birds. Due to its endurance and stamina, the Gordon Setter can hunt both in the field and in the water, regardless of any weather conditions, even the most unfavorable.


The Gordon Setter is a sturdier and more powerful dog than any other member of the Setter family. Despite his graceful and even aristocratic appearance, he has enough strength to hunt for quite a long time. The Scottish Setter is considered one of the most reliable, loyal and beautiful dog breeds, thanks to which it has received recognition not only as a hunting dog, but also as a companion and as a show dog.


This is a polite, affectionate and very cheerful breed that is distinguished by its friendliness, sociability and increased sensitivity. Get a Gordon Setter and you have an extremely loyal companion. Due to their size and the fact that these dogs sometimes express their feelings quite violently, they are not recommended for those families with small children. They are more than restrained with strangers. Gordon, in general, treats other dogs peacefully, although sometimes he can show aggression towards a representative of his own sex. If you want him to get along with cats, it is advisable to introduce them when the setter is still in puppyhood. Dogs of this breed are very attached to their family and, with insufficient attention to them, can show signs of jealousy if they are not given enough attention. The Gordon Setter is a very brave dog, always ready to defend its family, although at times it can behave quite unrestrained. If left alone for long periods of time, they may suffer from separation anxiety syndrome, leading to destructive behavior and constant barking.

Wool and care

The Scottish Setter has a very beautiful, silky, shiny and soft coat of medium length. Particularly luxurious strands are found on the lower torso, legs, tail and ears. The Gordon Setter is always black with distinct brown markings. Shedding medium intensity. To keep the coat in good condition, to prevent it from tangling or felting, this breed needs daily combing and brushing. In some cases, especially if you have a show dog, you may need professional grooming. Bathe your dog or use dry shampoo only if absolutely necessary. Trim nails and excess hair on your dog’s paw pads regularly. Common conditions for this breed are bloating, such as bloating, kidney failure, hip dysplasia, lameness, thyroid dysfunction, cysts and progressive retinal atrophy.


With his high level of intelligence and desire to earn the praise of his master, Setter Gordon proves to be an extremely capable student. But since dogs of this breed often have independent thinking, early socialization and a course of general obedience are necessary. The Gordon setter is often quite stubborn and sometimes difficult to train to keep the house clean. Therefore, at first it is recommended to keep the dog in a special box. Rough or arbitrary training methods should not be used; on the contrary, it is necessary to act with love for the dog, adhering to consistency, firmness and fairness. The Gordon setter is a great hunting assistant, following the trail well and showing the location of the game


Setter Gordon loves all kinds of outdoor exercise. This dog is not suitable for keeping in a city apartment, as he needs free walks. It is best if he has a spacious fenced yard or a farm at his disposal. Dogs of this breed enjoy active life, with swimming, hunting, various family activities, walks with the owner and playing ball.

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