Great Pyrenees: Dog Breed Description

This is a very loyal breed of dogs that are excellent protectors, faithfully guarding both their family and livestock. The Great Pyrenees dog is very obedient, gentle and affectionate, but at the same time quite serious. This is a large fluffy dog, somewhat reminiscent of a large toy bear.


Despite some stubbornness and independence, the Great Pyrenees Dog is very loyal to its owner, but with great distrust of strangers or animals. Since the animals of this breed are naturally very good manners and a calm disposition, they make good companions, but in all its splendor this dog can only prove itself in the countryside, doing the work for which it was intended.


A gentle, calm, obedient dog that is very eager to earn praise from its owner and is one of the best guards for sheep and cattle. Since the Great Pyrenees dog is characterized by some stubbornness and intractability of character, it can be quite difficult to train it. But he has an excellent attitude to other pets, and what is especially surprising – this dog loves cats very much.

Wool and care

A large Pyrenean dog is dressed in a snow-white two-layer coat. The outer layer is rather coarse and long, usually straight or slightly wavy, and the undercoat is thick and soft, somewhat reminiscent of cotton. This coat perfectly protects the dog from almost any bad weather. Active molting occurs only once a year and during this period the dog needs especially careful care. The rest of the time, the Great Pyrenees Dog, like any other long-haired breed of dog, must be brushed regularly in order to prevent tangling or felting of the coat. Sometimes you can take a bath.


As already mentioned, due to its stubbornness, the Great Pyrenees dog may not be a very good student. True, this is to some extent offset by the desire to earn praise from its owner, and besides, this breed just loves to work. With the right training technique, with a dominant trainer and justified methods, you will quickly teach your dog the necessary obedience and win his loyalty


A Great Pyrenees dog is completely unsuitable for living in a city apartment. He needs a large or medium yard and the possibility of regular free walks. Along with this, walks with the owner on a leash are also recommended.

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