Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: Dog Breed Description

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a loyal and loving dog that is also a good defender. He tries very hard to win the favor of his owners and makes an excellent watchdog, in addition he is a very brave dog with excellent and versatile working qualities.


This breed is particularly vigilant, which makes these dogs very good as watchdogs, at the same time, they do not have aggression, so you should not expect the Great Swiss Mountain Dog to be a capable bodyguard. At the same time, this dog has unconditional courage and is quite capable of scaring intruders or any other source of strange noises with its barking.


Loyal, loyal and loving, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog can indeed make a very good companion. Dogs of this breed are great with children and usually behave very well with other pets. However, they have a rather strong herding instinct, so they can chase smaller animals. Therefore, they need to be taught the correct behavior from a very early age.

Wool and care

The coat of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is rather short and consists of two layers. The top coat is dense and somewhat coarse, while the undercoat is quite thick and soft. The undercoat should be clearly visible on the dog’s neck. Molting of medium intensity, in order not to have problems, it is enough from time to time to clean your pet with a special rubber glove or a stiff brush with stable bristles. This will minimize any unwanted hair loss. Bathing your dog regularly is not necessary, but if you do decide to wash it, be sure to dry it thoroughly with a towel.


The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is distinguished by a sharp mind and is immediately noticeable in many sports, like obedience. This breed requires an experienced trainer due to its size, but the Mountain Dog is very eager to earn praise, and therefore does not need to invent anything, it fully obeys the usual training methods.


Dogs of this breed do not need much physical activity, but like any other large breed, they must move periodically, if only in order not to gain excess weight. Well suited for keeping in a city apartment, provided that you take long walks with your pet.

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