Greyhound: Dog Breed Description

Greyhound is considered the fastest dog in the world. It has been proven in sports dog racing that it is capable of speeds in excess of 40 mph (approximately 65 km). This is a very ancient breed, which, presumably, was developed in the Arab East and was introduced to England long before 900 AD. NS. Arab traders. The Greyhound has long been used to hunt deer and other large animals. Therefore, dogs of this breed do not get along very well with smaller animals, especially rabbits and cats.


The Greyhound is a very gentle and extremely sensitive dog that makes a wonderful companion for most children. He is very talented and therefore excels in many sports, including hunting, tracking, running and agility. Dogs of this breed stand out for their special grace, they are miniature, but very hardy in running. Sometimes they are kept outdoors, in an aviary or kennel, but the Greyhound desperately needs constant human attention and desperately wants to be part of your family.


Greyhound is very gentle and affectionate in nature, he simply adores all members of his family, including children. This is a wonderful pet, but his hunting instinct is very strong, and therefore Greyhound should not be kept in a house where there are smaller animals such as birds, cats, rabbits or something like that. Dogs of this breed get along peacefully with other dogs, but it is best to keep them in the same pack with other Greyhounds. They get along well with children, but since this is an extremely gentle, sensitive and nervous breed that does not tolerate rough games, it is better if they are older children.

Wool and care

The coat of the Greyhound is very short and therefore does not require much maintenance. The coat should be shiny, but neither silky nor soft. It is quite dense and tough to the touch, sometimes even rough, close and close to the dog’s body. Since your dog’s coat is weather-resistant, you should not bathe your dog too often so as not to remove the natural protective fat from the dog’s coat. In any case, the Greyhound’s coat should be smooth to the touch. This type of coat does not require much maintenance. It is enough to clean the dog from time to time with a rubber glove or a stiff brush with firm dense bristles; this will help remove loose or dead hairs. Shedding medium intensity.


The Greyhound is a very intelligent breed of dog, but very nervous and very sensitive, and therefore needs an experienced trainer. It is possible to start obedience training at a very early age, but it is not required. The trainer must be gentle and patient enough with this dog, but if you want to achieve any really meaningful results, the training must be carried out consistently and persistently, day after day. A variety of teaching methods work best, Greyhound is generally very fond of solving all sorts of difficult problems.


Greyhound, like all greyhounds, loves to run, but not only loves – he needs daily long runs. Therefore, the dog needs a fenced yard and it is better if it turns out to be larger than average. To maintain the activity and health of the dog, it must be taken out for a long walk twice a day. Since the Greyhound has a very strong hunting instinct, he can dash after anything that moves within his line of sight. That is why during walks the dog should be kept on a secure leash. Otherwise, if he has a chance to escape, he can use it. The duration of daily training should be at least 2 hours a day.

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