Harrier: Dog Breed Description

Harrier is a special breed of beagle dogs that was bred in England in the 13th century, for flocking hare hunting. Later they began to be used for hunting fox and rabbit, and they are usually referred to in old books as “poor man’s pair hounds.” However, in the 17th and 18th centuries, aristocrats began to use the Harriers, who highly appreciated the ability of these dogs to hunt in the mountains. And although in England Harrier has a very long and glorious history, in the rest of the world, in particular in the United States of America, he is still little known.


Lovers of hounds with a keen sense of smell will certainly appreciate this extremely hardy breed. In addition, the Harriers are intelligent and extremely inquisitive, possess perseverance, independent thinking, and extreme focus on what they do. Dogs of this breed have an athletic build and excellent vitality.


Harrier has a tolerant, good-natured and cheerful character. This is a pack dog, and therefore the Harrier gets along very well with other dogs in the house, but significant problems usually arise with other pets. However, representatives of this breed get along well with children. Since the Harrier is a very social and socially oriented dog, it should not be left alone for a long time. The dog will have a lot of stress, it will start howling endlessly and spoil the surrounding objects. These are very sociable animals, but due to their natural characteristics, they are much more attached to other dogs than to people. They behave rather coldly and detached with strangers.

Wool and care

The Harrier has a shiny, coarse, dense and short coat. On the ears, the hairs are thinner and softer than on the rest of the dog’s body. Shedding medium intensity. The harrier needs minimal maintenance – regular brushing is enough to remove fallen or dead hairs. You can bathe your dog only when necessary. But the ears and claws of a dog require constant checking. Ears need to be cleaned; claws trimmed. Disease’s characteristic of this breed are cataracts, hypothyroidism and hip dysplasia.


As a rule, Harrier is very smart and obedient, although from time to time he may be in a bad mood, and then he will be stubborn. The harrier is socialized by nature, so no additional socialization is required. Education must be conducted with fairness, firmness and consistency. Hares especially stand out in obedience, agility, and trail tracking


It is not recommended to keep this dog in a city apartment, Harrier needs a lot of physical activity, communication with other dogs and stimulation of his mind. And therefore, they feel best in a farm environment, where they will have a large community and a lot of space to walk in freedom.

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