Havanese: Dog Breed Description

The Havanese is a small, cheerful and gentle dog. It is a true companion who aspires to become a part of your family. The Havanese is very social, he is always ready to appreciate your attention and give you exactly the same from his side. Dogs of this breed do not shed, and they completely lack the characteristic canine smell, and therefore they are especially suitable for those people who suffer from various types of allergies.


The Havanese is a delightful dog in every way. He is very smart, curious and extremely playful. Close and trusting relationships with a person are extremely important to him, and besides, he simply adores children. Havanese is a wonderful bell that will always warn you about unexpected visitors or any sounds dangerous from his point of view. Before he greets a stranger, he will definitely turn to you in order to make sure that this can be done. If the Havanese recognizes someone as his friend, he will remain faithful to this friendship for the rest of his life.


The Havanese Bichon is a very loyal breed, and it is very important for him to constantly be in a family environment. Avoid stressing your dog and leaving him alone for long periods of time. The Havanese gets along well with children and other pets. Havanza cannot be called too active, but he is not at all timid and, at the same time, not jealous. He has a truly wonderful character that captivates you literally from the first glance at this dog, which means that he turns out to be an excellent pet.

Wool and care

The Havanese Bichon is dressed in a very beautiful coat, consisting of two layers of wool. The outer layer is soft in structure, pleasant to the touch, very long and very thick. Wool can be either absolutely straight, or have a light wave or curl with free curls. The color is the most diverse: snow-white, creamy, silver, chocolate, or variegated. The length of the coat of an adult Havanese can reach 20 centimeters. It is understandable that hair of this length can be very difficult to care for. The Havanese should be combed out thoroughly at least twice a week, but if you want to make it easier for yourself, you can simply trim it. It is important to check your dog’s eyes and ears regularly and keep them properly clean. The fact is that the Havanese is genetically predisposed to infectious diseases of the eyes and ears. In order to prevent the dog from losing teeth, you need to monitor oral hygiene.


The Havanese is a very quick-witted dog that enjoys the learning process. It is especially different in obedience and agility. He also likes to swim and generally flounder in the water. The Havanese takes a special pleasure in being in the spotlight and easily arouses everyone’s admiration for his talent in all sorts of fun tricks. Since these are very cute and affectionate dogs, they turn out to be irreplaceable partners for canistherapy. The Havanese, like many other small dogs, does not always immediately learn to maintain the necessary cleanliness in the apartment. Training should be conducted on the basis of firmness, fairness, consistency and, of course, love for the dog.


The Havanese is a rather energetic dog that is always ready to run, jump, play or simply accompany you on your walks. But they do not need any large amount of physical activity, so the Havanese can easily be kept in a city apartment or in a house with a small yard. He easily learns to profit from his mastery of funny tricks. He behaves quite calmly indoors, but so that your pet does not get bored and his character does not deteriorate, you should not forget about games and walks with the dog.

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