Hovawart: Dog Breed Description

Bred in Germany as a working breed, the German Hovawart is a large and sturdy guard dog. These dogs were nearly extinct at one time, but were revived during the 1920s. German Hovawarts are very popular in their homeland in Germany, but they are little known outside its borders, and are almost unknown on the American continent.


The Hovawart is a hardy dog, well protected from the weather. Males are muscular and look extremely powerful. Bitches are slightly smaller and much more graceful. This breed is versatile, well-balanced, and very self-confident.


It is not recommended to start Hovawarts for inexperienced owners or those who are used to leading a sedentary lifestyle. It is a loyal breed seeking to dominate, and generally the Hovawart is extremely attached to only one family member. He is gentle autumn, with well-developed protective instincts and gets along well with those children who grew up with him in the same house. Sometimes he can show aggression towards dogs of the same sex, but he gets along very peacefully with other pets, especially those whom he knows from his puppyhood. The German Hovawart is very suspicious of strangers and is always ready to desperately defend his family, property and territory.

Wool and care

The Hovawart is covered with two layers of wool. The outer layer is long, slightly wavy, dense and close to the body. Longer strands are located on the legs, chest, belly and tail. The undercoat is fine and very pleasant to the touch. In order to prevent tangling of the coat and the formation of tangles, it is recommended to regularly brush and comb the dog. If necessary, Hovawart can be bathed. Dogs of this breed are relatively healthy, although there are infrequent cases of hip dysplasia and thyroid insufficiency.


A very intelligent breed, the German Hovawart stands out especially in the Schutzhund. Early socialization and general obedience courses are imperative. Rough or arbitrary parenting methods should not be used, teaching should be conducted on the basis of firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.


Dogs of this breed do not feel very well in a city apartment. Most of all, they are suited for a rural house or a farm, where Hovawart would have enough space for free movement. This is a working dog and must have certain responsibilities. The German Hovawart excels at rescuing, tracking, guarding and making an excellent hiking companion.

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