How To Choose A Beagle Puppy

Before having a pet, future owners should be aware of all the responsibility that falls on their shoulders, because from the moment the puppy appears in the house, the dog becomes a full-fledged member of the family, requires constant attention and care. Having decided to have a beagle as a pet, future breeders should know what to look for when choosing a puppy, how to choose a beagle puppy. It is advisable to find out more information about the content, care and character. To know and have a complete idea of ​​how a thoroughbred beagle should look like, it will not be superfluous to visit exhibitions.

Despite the fact that the beagle is not one of the most common breeds of dogs in our country, the breed has been gaining more and more popularity recently, but before you start calling on advertisements, you need to know how to choose the right beagle puppy. The main criteria for choosing a puppy are based on a combination of external breed characteristics, noble birth and dog health. In other words, appearance and origin.

Where to buy a beagle puppy

If your goal is to have a fun, loyal friend, any healthy puppy from good breeders will do. If you are planning to show a dog, you need a pet with working, hunting qualities – choose a pet in kennels specializing in raising elite representatives of the breed or contact breeders who breed show dogs or “working” beagles for hunting. The main document confirming the origin of the breed is the dog’s pedigree. The presence of this document indicates that you are guaranteed to acquire a purebred dog from good producers, which is suitable for further pedigree breeding.

How to choose the right beagle puppy?

Having decided for what purposes you plan to buy a dog, having decided on the sex, you need to get acquainted with the breeder, first examine the entire litter, in what conditions the dogs are kept and what veterinary preventive procedures were carried out. Healthy parents are healthy babies. The stability of the psyche, the inclinations of character, the behavior of puppies are inherited, so it is worth paying attention to the behavior of the mother. The bitch should be healthy, moderately well-fed, feed, play, take care of the kids, and not show aggression towards them. It is important to make sure that the dog and the bitch are not close relatives. If the dog is not nearby, ask to provide you with his photo, inquire about his health and his merits. Check out the documents of the parents. The presence of titles, awards indicate the potential of the offspring.

Puppy age

It is best to buy beagle puppy at the age of 1.5-2 months. During this period, the puppy is considered to be quite strong, accustomed to self-feeding, more likely to adapt and get used to the owner. At the age of 45 days, the litter is examined by a dog handler for a possible breeding marriage (registration). Puppies are given puppy cards or metrics, with all the data entered and branded. The “puppy” is changed at the club for a pedigree at the age of 6 months. You can buy a 3.5-4-month-old beagle, but the earlier the pet appears in your home, the more chances you have to instill the beagle puppy parenting skills and raise an obedient dog.

Puppy appearance

The beagle puppy should be active, playful, inquisitive, not lethargic or cowardly. The behavior of the baby indicates the state of health and temperament. The coat is shiny, elastic, without dandruff and bald patches, the mucous membranes are pale pink, the nose is wet, cold, the eyes are shiny and clean, the ears are clean, the inner surface is pale pink. There should be no discharge from the nose and eyes. A healthy puppy should be moderately well-fed, move confidently, run, jump. The limbs are strong, with small lumps on the knee joints. The taste is correct, scissor-like. The dog should be examined for the presence of two normally developed testicles in the scrotum.


Thoroughbred Beagles can have a two-color or three-color color, but it must be borne in mind that at the age of 2.5 months, babies are almost black and white, with barely noticeable red marks on the muzzle. Two-color beagle puppies are born light, without pronounced “multi-colored” markings.

When choosing a beagle, you can rely on your intuition. Perhaps you liked the baby at first sight, or he himself chose you as the owner. Remember, you choose a friend for many years, and if the beagle really sunk into your soul, it is better to take it – then this is really your dog!

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