How to stop my dog from chewing things the simple solutions

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You don’t need to spend a ton of money to take care of a puppy. While puppies can be expensive, most breeds are cheap to care for. They also have sharp teeth, so you’ll need to be on top of any chewing, chewing or eating accidents.

Puppies often get their teeth cut at six months of age, which not only makes them feel better, but also helps them to chew more effectively. If your puppy is chewing and making a fuss, let him chew and make noise. He needs to chew, and he needs to do it as loud as he can.

Getting a dog that chews is hard, but if your dog is a teething or destructive chewer, there are easy solutions to keep your dog’s teeth in good shape.

Teach what to chew

You should teach your dog what to chew. If your dog doesn’t want something in his mouth, you shouldn’t make it available. If you don’t want it in your dog’s mouth, keep your belongings out of reach.

Put your trash in the kitchen cupboard, keep the tempting areas to yourself, and try not to make any mistakes. You’ll be glad you did.

Never confuse their toys and their own shoes and socks, or you’ll have a very spoiled pup on your hands. Supervise your puppy until they are consistently chewing on appropriate items.

Keep them on your leash when they’re in your house and out of their way. A safe place to house the dogs is the yard. Make sure to keep a fresh supply of water available and safe toys for them to play with.

It’s always best to train your dog from the beginning by introducing it to a crate and allowing it to use it. Always remember that a crate should never be used as a punishment, but rather for safety.

Exercising a dog is a lot of fun, but it can also be frustrating if the dog is bored. Make sure that your dog has lots of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them active. You can use a dog pen for this.

On the other hand, an exhausted dog is a good dog, so make sure they get plenty of physical and mental activity. The amount of exercise should be based on their age, health and breed characteristics.

It’s important that your dog get plenty of exercise, and going on long walks is a great way to do this. However, you might find that your dog would rather sniff the ground than actually walk, which is much more fulfilling than running on concrete!

If you have a dog who likes the company of other dogs, then a well-run doggy daycare can be an excellent choice for your pooch. Keep building toys into your daily routine. Use puzzle toys or fill Kong-type toys with your dog’s food.

Chewing on toys can be fun, but novelty chews are better for dogs and give them more satisfaction. Make sure you rotate your dog’s toys. You never know when she’ll get bored of the one you’ve been giving her.

Keep some toys around and see if you can get your dog to play with them. If you notice that your dog is chewing on something they should not, try giving them something else in exchange.

If the item they selected is so much fun they’ll never give it up, keep fun treats on hand to trade it out. As your dog catches on to this idea, you can add the command “give” as their cue to release the item in exchange for the treat.

When your puppy is teething, it’s normal for them to be irritable and a bit snappy. However, if you want to help soothe their gums, try putting a frozen rubber toy in their mouth; the cold rubber will sooth their gums.

Your dog should be supervised when they are chewing on furniture and other objects. Make it unpleasant for them to chew by coating furniture and other items with a taste deterrent (like Bitter Apple®).

When your dog is chewing a shoe or chewing off a sock, you can easily remedy the situation with one of these deterrents. A few of the products contain a natural substance that will kill the bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

If you are walking your dog and they grab an item and start running away, do not chase after them. Instead, call them to you and give them a treat. Being chased by their human is fun, and makes the whole experience more interesting!

You need to have realistic expectations about your dog’s chewing habits. Most dogs eventually chew up something valuable; this is often part of the process of learning which items are acceptable. Give your dog a few weeks to adjust to the new environment before giving him or her any new toys.

Make sure you set them up for success by taking precautions. And make sure that you keep things out of their reach.

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