How To Train Your Puppy To Sleep In Its Place

Puppies need great care and attention. They are taught to use the toilet, sleep schedule, and a new couch. If you don’t teach your puppy to sleep all night on its own, whining and barking will eventually ruin your sleep.

When to accustom to sleep at night

You need to start teaching your pet to sleep in one place on the same day when he is at your house. This will provide him with a sense of security. Plus, dogs like the same routine.

Dog handlers note that it will take time to train a puppy to take certain actions. How many? 20 to 200 repetitions of the same action or sequence of actions will form a stable habit. The number of repetitions for your pet depends on its individual characteristics, including breed, age, intelligence.

Take advantage of helpful tips from experienced dog handlers to help you and your pet get enough sleep throughout the night without interruption.

Did you know? Large dogs need more sleep than small dogs as it takes longer for the body to recover.

How To Train Your Puppy To Sleep In Its Place

What you need for a good sleep of a pet

The puppy needs its own sleeping place. It can be formatted as:

  • couches;
  • kennels;
  • aviary.

The sleeping area is necessarily large so that it is convenient to stretch or manoeuvre. The puppy will not be able to sleep in one position all night. To separate the sleeping place in his mind from the rest of the room, the bed is placed just above the floor level.

How to choose a place and accustom your pet to it

  1. Pay attention to the place that the dog has chosen independently. If you have no objection, then place a couch in this area.
  2. If you plan to install the “bed” in a different place, then, as soon as the puppy begins to lay down for rest, call him to the “sleeping place” and reward a treat when he fulfills the command. Never carry your dog from place to place in your arms. She understands this as your displeasure. Therefore, she may form a negative experience in relation to the bed.
  3. If the new bed is in an unusual place or we are talking about changing the sleeping place for a matured dog, then take him to a new place on a leash to introduce him to him. Place some familiar toys nearby. Give the command “Lie down”. Then praise the puppy and give a treat.

Every time your pet goes to bed, repeat the process and do not let it fall asleep anywhere.

How To Train Your Puppy To Sleep In Its Place

Arrangement of a sleeping place

The sleeping area should be inviting, soft and comfortable. But they start to choose it with the size, and also take into account the shape: check the size of your breed as an adult. For example, measure the length of the parent dog from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. This will give you the minimum berth length. The length of the purchased couch is indicated in the specification and is measured in inches. Sizes are available: XS 18 “, S 24”, M 30 “, L 36”, XL 42 “, XXL 48”.

To determine the shape of the lounger, consider the “personality scale” of the pet. Animals, like humans, sleep in different positions:

  • a ball;
  • full length;
  • on the side;
  • on the back.

Puppies curl up to feel safe or cool indoors. Therefore, the most popular form of puppy bed is the donut. In the heat, the pet stretches out to the full length of the body. This means that the sleeping place should be large so that you can stretch out in length.

Important! A dog’s eyes contain a special membrane called the tapetum lucidum. It allows you to see in the dark. If the eye “detects” any light, then it will react and sleep will be interrupted.

What else should you pay attention to? Of course, on the material from which the bed is made. Products filled with padding polyester or pieces of foam are the cheapest, but they wear out faster, and the foam begins to crumble over time. Sleeping on a deformed surface is uncomfortable. Therefore, choose a bench in the middle price range with better materials, such as memory foam. It has excellent supportive properties. Or a wicker basket mat with a soft tweed pillow.

Various carriers are also suitable for sleeping puppies as long as they are sturdy, easy to clean, and easy to disassemble for transport. To create a cozier space, the carrier can be placed in a dark place overnight. Place a waterproof mat or one that is easy to clean on the bottom.

How To Train Your Puppy To Sleep In Its Place

What to do before bed

Set a clear mode. The period before bedtime is made similar to the bedtime:

  • dim the light;
  • play quiet, soothing music.

The house should become cozy and comfortable. If your puppy whines, try placing a stuffed animal next to it. This will recreate the usual conditions when he slept with his mother and brothers. Pet stores even have special toys that emit “heartbeats” to mimic mom as much as possible.


So that the pet can completely digest food and have time to go to the toilet, the last meal is done no later than 3 hours before bedtime. If you feed him closer to sleep, then he will need to go to the toilet at night. The same applies to the drinking regime. Try not to overfeed your pet before bed.


An important activity before bed is the toilet. Be sure to take your puppy for a walk before bed. If you adhere to the same daily routine, then he will soon get used to it, and there will be no night puddles.

Important! A puppy is able to hold its bladder for about the same number of hours as it is months old. Like small children, puppies can tolerate, but are unlikely to endure until morning.

A litter box can be placed next to the litter if you are training your puppy to use it. If the need arises, he can use it without waking the owners.


Play with your pet several times over the course of 30 minutes in the afternoon. Include a run in games. It is useful for both you and the dog. The puppy should run next to you, and not just quickly rush wherever he pleases. Add ball or disc games. He will not be able to immediately catch the disc. Therefore, start with playing games while holding the disc in your hands. Then, throw it short distances and encourage you to bring the toy to you. This will form the puppy’s opinion that it is great to play, and that it is profitable and pleasant to bring prey to the owner.

Provide mental exercise in your evening routine. They are tiring and help to sink into a sleepy state. For example, try feeding your pet with a puzzle toy that puts food in holes covered with lids. To get it – you need to remove the cover. There are other interactive feeders that can help train the brain. It is important to give the load at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. The closer to sleep, the more relaxed the games are made to make it easier to fall asleep.

Factors that interfere with healthy sleep

It is impossible to control the onset of the sleep cycle, but there are factors that prevent a puppy from sleeping:

  • unfamiliar or loud sounds;
  • active play;
  • stress;
  • food intake;
  • excessive lighting;
  • uncomfortable bed.

Air temperature also affects sleep. But this is a special parameter. So, in a room with a temperature of +15 C, the whippet will feel comfortable, and the St. Bernard may overheat. Therefore, set the temperature according to your pet’s coat.

Did you know? Do dogs laugh? Ethnologist Konrad Lorenz suggested that this is so. When the puppy invites you to play, he opens his jaws, slightly tilting the corner of his mouth and sticking out his tongue. This gives the impression that the pet is laughing.

How To Train Your Puppy To Sleep In Its Place

How much should a puppy sleep

Dogs follow a polyphasic sleep cycle. This means that they sleep several times a day. Adults sleep on average 12-14 hours a day, puppies 18-20 hours a day.

What to do, if

A tired pet who does not feel hungry, thirsty and has no pain – should not whine. But what if the puppy:

  • does not want to be alone;
  • wants to sleep with the owner.

Puppy whines before bed

If, before meeting you, the pet slept with its mother and littermates, then it will whine. He is scared and unusual in a new place, so he whines. Soft toys placed on a couch help partially solve the problem. Just wait for the puppy to stop by itself. Do not start games in order to distract him. When the pet calms down, praise so that he understands that “not whining” is the right thing to do. Return him to the sleeping place and leave the room.

Do not take the puppy in your arms and do not react if whining expresses unwillingness to be on your own. If the dog realizes that after he begins to whine, you take him with you, then the next time the whining may last several hours.

How To Train Your Puppy To Sleep In Its Place

The puppy wants to sleep with the owner

Do not let your puppy sleep on your bed from the first days. Although some people find it difficult to resist this, it is necessary to instill the skill of the right place to sleep. You can let him stay in his bed later, after he has learned where his sleeping place is.

Did you know? Does breed affect sleep length? It has not been established exactly, but Great Dane and Newfoundland dogs sleep more than others – up to 18 hours a day.

The most important thing to remember is that training your puppy takes time to form habits or to make changes in his routine. Getting the right amount of physical activity and feeding time in the afternoon will help you and your pet get enough sleep.

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