How To Train Your Puppy To Walk Outside: Useful Tips

Perhaps there is no more playful and grateful animal than a dog. Defender, security guard and just a loyal friend. Who would refuse such a pet? And, having evaluated their capabilities, many decide to have a puppy at home.

He follows everywhere, runs, jumps, demands attention and games. This is a real little hurricane that constantly gets underfoot or tries to chew on something. And he often pisses and still does not know how to ask to go outside. How to teach him to walk? There is nothing difficult in this, but a lot of patience and affection will be required from the owner.

Where to begin?

Until the puppy has been vaccinated, you cannot walk with him on the outside. Therefore, as soon as the baby appears in the house, he should be taught to walk in a tray, on a special absorbent diaper or, in extreme cases, on a newspaper. And so that he does not have the temptation to do his “business” anywhere, it is first necessary to remove all carpets from the floor, since the dog prefers to relieve himself on a soft surface.

How To Train Your Puppy To Walk Outside

The main thing is to remember that the puppy does not shit where he lives. It is so inherent in the instincts of nature. Therefore, the proposal of some dog breeders to cover the entire apartment with newspapers is far from the best way out.

The puppy’s toilet should be in one place. And as soon as it starts spinning, it should be immediately transferred there. Very little time will pass, and the baby will understand what the owners demand of him. The main thing is that the diaper or tray is removed on time.

However, there are situations when the puppy plays too much and does not have time to reach the right place. In this case, he should not be scolded and punished. He is still too small to demand from him the skills and abilities of an adult dog. Otherwise, he will just hide and make a puddle where he has to.

How to teach a puppy to ask to go outside?

As soon as all vaccinations are done, and the quarantine period is over, you can start walking with the puppy and teach him to ask to go outside when needed. But do not delude yourself that the dog will immediately defecate only on a walk. We’ll have to be patient. The habituation period will take from several weeks to several months, depending on the breed and temperament of the baby. However, the correct tactics of the dog’s owner’s behavior will help to bring this moment closer. The basic rules are as follows:

  • as soon as the puppy woke up, immediately take him outside. Eat – take it out again. At first, you can take a diaper with you so that he can quickly orient himself and not be distracted by unusual smells;
  • it is recommended to walk a small pet 5-6 times a day, adhering to about the same time;
  • after each successful bowel movement on the outside, the puppy must be praised and encouraged with a treat;
  • after the dog has done its “business”, you can play with it or allow it to communicate with other relatives, making it clear that all the pleasures are possible only after the toilet.

When the puppy is 6-8 months old, the number of walks can be reduced to 4 per day. At this age, dogs are already beginning to ask to go outside in need. At this stage, it is important to adhere to a clear walking schedule. Then the dog will get used to going to the toilet on the outside at a certain time and will not be distracted by asking for a walk at the wrong time.

How To Train Your Puppy To Walk Outside

Why are problems?

There are situations when a well-bred dog again begins to relieve his needs in the house. Despite the fact that in this case the desire to scold and punish her overwhelms the owner, this should not be done. The only way out of this situation is to try to understand the reasons for the pet’s behavior. There may be several of them:

  • health problems;
  • jealousy of the owner due to the appearance of another animal or child in the house;
  • lack of attention;
  • loss of master’s authority.

First of all, it is necessary to show the dog to the veterinarian in order to exclude possible diseases. If everything is in order with health, you will have to analyze other possible reasons and begin to accustom the animal to walking anew, like a puppy.

But what if, even after a walk, your pet still pees at home? Then a few tips will come in handy:

  • exclude all diuretic products from the animal’s menu;
  • on a walk, find a friend for a pet who would become not only a playmate, but also an example for the necessary actions;
  • always take water for a walk – after drinking it after active games, the dog can relieve himself on the outside;
  • to increase the walking time of the animal – the pet will not be able to endure for a long time and must go to the toilet before returning home.

The main thing is to never yell at the dog or poke his nose into a puddle. She can interpret such actions incorrectly, concluding that it is impossible to crap in front of the owner. Then the dog will continue to do in his own way, but in his absence.

Pet health care: hidden hazards of walking

Walking is not only a lot of pleasure and positive for the puppy, but also the risk of contracting worms or external parasites. Therefore, preventive deworming should become the norm for your pet. A good way out for dogs with a short muzzle, as well as for capricious and biting pets who find it difficult to give medicine through the mouth, is the “Spot-on” form – drops on the withers.

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