Irish Wolfhound: Dog Breed Description

The Irish Wolfhound is a fairly calm, patient and intelligent dog. As a rule, he treats most people well and has excellent contact with them. However, its size presents a certain difficulty, so, for example, this dog cannot be left unattended with babies and small children, since it is so large that it can easily drop the baby, knock him down, completely unwillingly.


The large size of the Irish Wolfhound may be somewhat intimidating, but in fact, it is a very gentle and affectionate dog that greets everyone as a best friend. Therefore, the Irish Wolfhound should not be expected to make a good guard or watchdog. And although the level of intelligence in this breed is usually not very high, this deficiency is easily compensated for by the desire to learn, which it shows.


Affectionate, lovable, affectionate and well-mannered by nature, the Irish Wolfhound is an excellent pet and good companion. He very quickly and sincerely becomes attached to all family members and gets along peacefully with other dogs or cats, especially if he goes through early socialization.

Wool and care

The coat of the Irish Wolfhound is of medium length, coarse and harsh on the body, all the way through the legs of the dog and on the crown. Around the eyes and on the muzzle, the hair is slightly longer in length and slightly wiry. The molt is average. It is imperative to regularly brush and brush the dog, a regular rubber glove helps to cope with this task very well. A professional dog hairdresser may be required to remove dead hair. In addition, the characteristic beard of this dog also needs regular cleaning.


The Irish Wolfhound turns out to be a capable learner who grasps whatever you try to teach him on the fly. Teaching should be regular, persistent and, at the same time, very affectionate. The Irish wolfhound should be taught obedience from the very “tender” age, because it is a very large and strong dog and you may have certain problems with it in the future.


It is best if this giant dog is kept in a fairly spacious yard. Since the Irish Wolfhound has a very strong pursuit instinct, it can be walked exclusively on a leash, or else on a well-fenced, safe area. This dog enjoys long walks with its owner or a good chase.

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