Italian Greyhound: Dog Breed Description

Italian greyhound was brought to Europe by the Phoenicians, and only later the Romans significantly improved this breed. It was these dogs that were the favorites of the great Russian tsarina Catherine II. Now the Italian Greyhounds, which are better known as Italian Greyhounds, are almost never used for hunting, as a rule, they become pets and real family members. The Italian greyhound can be extremely timid and indecisive, but at the same time, this dog can exude such charm that it can be almost destructive. Harsh punishment, undoubtedly, will only suppress this wonderful dog, in dealing with it you need to use affection and calm behavior correction.


Of course, Italian Greyhounds cannot be kept outdoors or in a kennel; dogs of this breed must live at home and remain members of your family. They can be a little overly nervous, but Italian Greyhounds are very sensitive, they need constant confirmation that they did everything right and were not guilty of anything. The Italian Greyhound is a very active and very fast dog, which makes it an excellent companion for agility, where it is commonly used.


Italian greyhound is a truly wonderful companion, which is just made for family life. However, you should not get this dog while your children are too young and unable to control themselves. Dogs of this breed already have an extremely nervous nature, and if the kids over-bother them or in some way cause pain, this can even lead to the Italian Greyhound becoming extremely timid. They communicate well with other dogs, but it is better if they are the same Italian Greyhounds, since large or actively dominant breeds can completely suppress this gentle and impressionable baby.

Wool and care

The Italian Greyhound is dressed in a very beautiful short and soft to the touch fur. In fact, the Italian Greyhound can be said to be a scaled-down copy of a regular Greyhound and has the same texture and gloss. The skin of the dog is very soft, and the hairs are short and shiny, and in general it is very similar in appearance to satin. It is very, very simple to take care of the beautiful fur of the Italian Greyhound. Shedding in dogs of this breed is minimal, if at all, therefore, in order to maintain the magnificent glossy appearance of the dog’s fur coat, it is quite enough to wipe it periodically with a soft towel. To prevent inflammation in the oral cavity or the formation of tartar, you should regularly brush your teeth and monitor oral hygiene. Italian greyhounds should be especially protected from the cold, and claws should be trimmed at least once every two weeks.


Learning the Italian Greyhound can be extremely challenging as it can be both overly nervous and overly impressionable at the same time. That is why an experienced trainer is needed to train dogs of this breed, who is accustomed to working with Italian Greyhounds. It is especially difficult for a dog to learn how to maintain cleanliness in the house, even though the Italian Greyhound is a very intelligent dog who is extremely eager to earn your praise. Teaching your dog to obey also needs to be done under the guidance of an experienced trainer, because if you cut the dog too abruptly, it can lead to the fact that it becomes very frightened. Weasel, weasel and once again weasel – this is what the Italian Greyhound needs


The Italian Greyhound is a very lively and active dog; therefore, he needs daily active exercises. Dogs of this breed are very fond of long walks, they love to run in freedom, and therefore, it is very good if they have at least a small safe yard at their disposal. It is not surprising that the Greyhound loves to run so much, after all, this is still a greyhound dog, and running is exactly what this breed was originally bred for. Therefore, he shows exceptional agility and agility. Do not forget to keep the Italian Greyhound on a leash at all times, otherwise it can simply get lost.

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