Jack Russell Terrier: Dog Breed Description

Jack Russell Terrier or Parson Jack Russell Terrier was bred in England in the 19th century. These dogs got their name in honor of the Reverend John Russell, a true hunting enthusiast who first bred this breed of dog for hunting foxes. This dog is excellent at digging and buries itself very quickly in fox holes or dens.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a tough, hardy and extremely robust dog even in terms of her appearance. He is eager to go for walks. He has an extremely inquisitive nature. It is a compact breed with excellent vocal skills, but never allows itself to yapping unnecessarily. These dogs are completely fearless and seem to be completely unaware of their small stature.


The Jack Russell Terrier is a loyal and loving dog breed. They are energetic, cheerful, funny, and full of enthusiasm, get along well with older children in the house, if they know exactly how to handle the dog. When we talk about older children, we mean children who are at least 8 years old. But they will not get along with other pets, because their natural hunting instinct is too strong and this makes them show aggression. They are very intelligent and certainly brave dogs. Unfortunately, their bravery often leads them to dangerous situations that can lead to fatal results. Therefore, the Jack Russell Terrier needs an extraordinary amount of human attention. This dog is categorically not suitable for a family in which all its members are concerned about their careers.

Wool and care

The coat of the Jack Russell Terrier is quite dense and double; there are three subspecies of this breed, differing in the type of coat: smooth-haired, long-haired and wire-haired. In the smooth-haired subspecies, the coat is short and rather coarse; in the long-haired, the coat is the same in structure, but longer. The wire-haired subspecies include those Jackie Russells whose coat length is not the same, or those who have longer strands on certain parts of the body. Color: white background with black, brown, or tricolor markings. The molt is constant. Jack Russell Terrier requires minimal maintenance. Regular brushing with a dense bristle brush is sufficient; bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary. To prevent problems, you need to trim your nails regularly. Monitor your dog’s diet, do not overfeed it, as Jack Russell Terriers become overweight very easily. The most common diseases are deafness, glaucoma, epilepsy, allergies, and other skin problems.


Jack Russell Terrier training can be quite difficult as it is an adamant and stubborn breed. Since this dog is very easy to switch attention, Jack Russell needs a steady hand and constant exercise. It is very important that the dog knows exactly who is the owner of the house, otherwise it will very quickly take over control. As already mentioned, this is a rather aggressive breed, which means that it is necessary to conduct early socialization and early obedience training. Jack Russell does his best in hunting, tracking and agility disciplines.


Jack Russell Terrier simply cannot exist without daily exercise. He is extremely active indoors and requires constant stimulation. This dog can adapt to living in an apartment, provided that you devote a lot of time to training, but it is much better if it has a medium-sized yard at its disposal. The extreme activity of the Jack Russell Terrier requires an exit, and if you keep him alone all the time, he can become very destructive. Dogs of this breed enjoy long leash walks and vigorous play.

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