Jagdterrier: Dog Breed Description

Jagdterrier dogs were highly regarded by hunters in the British Isles for their extraordinary abilities as early as the 17th century. Then the demand for sporting and hunting terriers fell sharply and therefore the Jagdterrier practically disappeared. In the 1970s, several dogs were brought to the United States from Ireland and England, and from them came the restoration of this breed, which is still very, very rare.


Jagdterriers are extremely fearless, very active, and assertive. It is a small, agile and muscular dog, somewhat square in shape and with a narrow chest. This body structure allows the Jagdterrier to freely penetrate fox and badger holes. He is very intelligent and still remains a predominantly hunting dog with a strong instinct to chase prey.


You need to understand that the Jagdterrier was never originally intended to be just a pet. However, it is a loyal dog that is very attentive and values ​​the friendship with its owner very much. Like other representatives of this family, the Jagdterrier has all the qualities characteristic of terriers. It gets along well with older children who know how to handle a dog. Jagdterrier is suspicious of strangers and is a good watchman. It is not recommended to have a dog of this breed if you already have other dogs or other pets in your house, since the Jagdterrier will not be able to find a common language with them. It is not suitable for inexperienced dog breeders or for those who have a dog for the first time. Jagdterrier has a rather stormy and furious character, he is stubborn and, as a rule, intractable.

Wool and care

Dogs of this breed are classified into three different subtypes: smooth-haired, wire-haired and coarse-haired. Regardless of the type of wool, it perfectly protects the Jagdterrier from the vagaries of the weather. The smooth-haired Jagdterrier is covered with an even, short, dense coat that closely adheres to the body. The wire-haired subspecies is dressed in long hair, somewhat tighter to the body, thick and stiff to the touch. The fur coat of the coarse-haired Jagdterrier consists of two layers. The outer layer is very dense and resembles a wire in its structure. Under it there is a dense and short undercoat. On the face and above the eyes of the dog, there are strands of longer hair, forming the characteristic beard and eyebrows of this dog. It is necessary to brush and brush the dog’s coat at least once a week, and regularly check the paw pads, ears and nails. Since the Jagdterrier is an extremely rare breed, there is still no data on the disease’s characteristic of these dogs.


Jagdterrier strongly requires a dominant owner. Early socialization and obedience training is recommended. Do not use harsh or arbitrary methods; training should be carried out on the basis of firmness, consistency and fairness.


Since the energy still beats out of the Jagdterrier with a key, it needs a significant amount of physical activity and sports activity. This dog is completely unsuitable for living in a city apartment or for a lazy apathetic owner leading a sedentary lifestyle. The Jagdterrier feels best in a rural house with a large, well-fenced yard or even on a farm, where he will have a lot of space and opportunities for daily free active walks and hunting.

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