Kai Ken: Dog Breed Description

Bred in Japan, this ancient dog breed was used to hunt wild boar and deer. The Kai Ken dog is a very rare breed that is almost impossible to acquire. Despite the fact that these dogs have long been considered too primitive to be truly pets, in reality they were devoted loving companions. In 1934, the Kai breed was declared a national treasure of Japan.


The Kai Ken is a medium sized dog, strong and muscular. A sturdy, exceptionally brave breed of dog that moves with an agile, fast run that allows them to make active maneuvers over mountains or through forests. Kai is the only dog ​​that can climb trees. The most distinctive feature of this amazing dog is its variegated color. It is no coincidence that Kai Ken is also called the Tiger Dog.


Dogs of the Kai Ken breed are extremely loyal, affectionate and very fond of their owner. He is extremely cold and distrustful with strangers, and therefore you can always rely on this dog as a reliable guard. Kai is on good terms with both children and those dogs with whom they grew up in the same house. But since they have a very strong instinct to chase prey, Kai is not recommended to start if you already have cats or other small pets. As a rule, Kai Ken dogs are closely attached to only one family member, whom they consider to be their master. They are naturally calm, do not make too much noise and know how to keep the room clean. Kai is not suitable for people who have a dog for the first time or do not have the necessary experience with dogs.

Wool and care

The Kai Ken dogs are dressed in two layers of wool. The outer layer ranges from medium to long, straight and rather tough. The undercoat is dense, thick and soft. On the ears, head and legs of the dog, the coat is somewhat shorter, while on the body and tail it is longer. Puppies are born black and fluffy, and brown with stripes appears only after they are completely covered with “adult” hair. It must be said that this color, standard for Kai, may not appear completely until the dog enters puberty. In order to prevent the fur from falling off, the Kai Ken must be brushed weekly with a special stiff brush. The dog can be bathed as needed. It is very important to regularly check and clean your dog’s ears, and periodically trim the nails as they grow back. Since this breed is extremely rare, no data on specific diseases exists yet.


The Kai Ken is an extremely dominant and tenacious breed, so early, prolonged and intense socialization and ongoing obedience training are imperative. If you try to apply rude or arbitrary methods to this dog, you will only cause just indignation and open aggression on its part. Training must be conducted with firmness, fairness, patience and consistency.


Dogs of the Kai Ken breed are completely unsuitable for living in a city apartment. They need too much exercise and mental stimulation. Kai dog needs a house in the countryside or a farm, where he will have enough space for free walks, hunting and a free lifestyle.

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