Karelian Bear Dog: Dog Breed Description

Bred in Finland, the Karelian Bear Dog is a member of the Spitz family. These dogs are extremely prized by hunters who use them to hunt moose, deer, wapiti, wolf and hare. The Karelian Bear Dog is perfect for hunting in any landscape and in any weather. Although she is the closest relative of Russian huskies, the Karelian Dog is much more attached to the home.


The Karelian Bear Dog has a captivating, attractive and memorable appearance at first sight. Karelian Dog is a strong dog of medium size, strong constitution. Her behavior is distinguished by unconditional dignity, courage and fearlessness.


Dogs of this breed are not suitable for those dog breeders who do not have sufficient experience. The Karelian Bear Dog simply by its nature cannot be exclusively a domestic animal, it is a hunting dog. She gets along well with children and with any other animals with whom she grew up in that house. The Karelian Bear Dog is always ready to defend its family, home and territory, it demonstrates aggressive behavior towards strangers and strangers. This is a loyal, sensitive, intelligent and independent animal, which is characterized by constancy, intractability and energy.

Wool and care

The Karelian Bear Dog is dressed in two layers of wool, which protects it well from any atmospheric influences. The outer coat is straight, coarse in structure, reaching medium length. The undercoat is dense, thick and soft. Around the neck on the back and breeches of the dog, the coat is much thicker, rich, long and fluffy. The ears are tucked away in dense fur so they can be safe from frost bites. Shedding in dogs of this breed is of medium intensity. In order to reduce the free loss of dead hairs to a minimum, it is recommended to regularly brush the dog with a special stiff brush. You can only bathe if absolutely necessary. It is important to constantly check your dog’s ears and paw pads, to clean them of dirt and possible debris, and to maintain the correct length of rapidly growing nails. No data on diseases characteristic of this breed are yet available.


The Karelian Bear Dog must undergo intensive and long-term socialization, as well as an intensive course of general obedience. This breed needs a dominant owner to respect. The Karelian Dog does not tolerate harsh or arbitrary methods, training should be conducted on the basis of firmness, fairness, respect and consistency.


The Karelian Bear Dog is absolutely not suitable for keeping in a city apartment. She needs a very large amount of exercise and mental stimulation. If the extremely active and lively energy of this dog cannot find a way out, then its character can deteriorate, and the behavior will become destructive for the environment. The Karelian Bear Dog should have a house with a spacious fenced yard or a rural farm where it can roam freely. This is a hunting dog, for which it is vitally necessary to both actively move and hunt. Walking in public places should be carried out only on a secure leash and wearing a muzzle.

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