Keeshond: Dog Breed Description

Keeshond is a typical member of the Spitz family. It is believed that this breed of dog was bred in the Arctic, and the only purpose of Keeshond or Wolfspitz was to become a true pet. And, of course, a security guard. This compact, muscular and extremely reliable dog is a good housekeeper, winning dog show and an excellent companion for the whole family.


Keeshond is an amazingly sociable creature. Quite often this breed is called the “Smiling Dutchman” because of its ability to curl its upper lip in such a way that it really looks like a smile. Thus, Keeshond greets those people whom he especially loves.


Keeshond is a very intelligent and affectionate dog. He behaves absolutely friendly towards other people and dogs, adores children and is an excellent pet in every sense. Wolfspitz really needs to maintain a constant companionship with the person. He is capable of empathy, has a developed intuition, which makes Keeshond indispensable dog for canistherapy. Due to its loud and characteristic barking, Keeshond is an excellent guard dog, he is loyal to the owner and has a bright personality. This is not an aggressive dog, but it cannot be called timid in any way.

Wool and care

Keeshond is dressed in a really luxurious two-layer fur coat. The outer layer is long, straight and rather rough. The undercoat is soft and fluffy. Around the neck, shoulders and chest of the dog is a particularly thick and luxurious long collar. On the head, the hair is shorter, smoother and softer. Keeshond has distinctive eyeglass-like markings around his eyes, and his legs are adorned with longer and lighter strands. The most common color is a mixture of black, cream, and gray. But it can also be black, brown, orange, light brown and white. Intense molt occurs twice a year. Dogs of this breed require complete daily grooming. It is important in no case to cut Keeshond in the summer, wanting to rid him of his warm fur coat, since, in fact, the outer coat of the coat provides the dog with insulation from heat and sun. Wolfspitz is very neat by nature, he diligently looks after himself on his own. You can bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary. The same goes for applying dry shampoo. The most common conditions for this breed are hip dysplasia, dislocated kneecaps, breathing problems, von Willebrand disease, hypothyroidism and epilepsy.


Keeshond training can turn into a real problem. He can sometimes be quite harmful and generally prefers to go about his own business. At the same time. Keeshond, like all other Spitz, shows great talents when it comes to obedience or agility. The greatest success can be achieved by teaching your dog with consistency, fairness and diversity. With frequent repetition of the same exercise, Keeshond will soon get bored and simply lose interest in the lessons


Dogs of this breed experience the greatest happiness by taking part in all kinds of family activities and active games. In general, they do not need a large number of active exercises, and therefore Keeshond dog are perfect for keeping in an apartment. Keeshond enjoys daily walks, ball games or chasing a flying saucer. It is good if this dog has a small, well-fenced yard at his disposal. If you leave him unattended outside the house for too long, Keeshond will get bored and start digging.

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