Kerry Blue Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a playful, cheerful, agile and very noisy breed. This dog can bring a lot of joy to any person’s life. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a wonderful pet, peacefully getting along with other animals in the house, provided, of course, that you properly introduce them. At the same time, dogs of this breed have undeniable protective instincts and therefore make excellent watchdogs. But they do not show aggression and will never attack first until provoked.


A tenacious dog who loves to solve problems. He quickly learns the necessary obedience, but insists that the training sessions be varied, otherwise he may get bored and lose interest in them. The Kerry Blue Terrier enjoys communicating with his family members, but you should not leave him alone with too young children. The patience of this dog is not unlimited, and if the baby pesters him too much, Kerry Blue may snap. Is friendly to strangers and loves his family; a dog of this breed can really dispel boredom and discouragement.


The Kerry Blue Terrier can be somewhat aggressive, like all terriers, but proper socialization of the dog in puppyhood allows you to quickly cope with this problem. The Kerry Blue Terrier is an extremely intelligent breed that loves to play, making training a dog a breeze. At the same time, this dog is quite independent and therefore you should always leave it with a range of activities.

Wool and care

The soft, wavy and dense coat of the Kerry Blue Terrier requires a lot of maintenance, if, of course, you want your dog to be always well-groomed and beautiful. The coat on the body should be cut in a special way, so that it has a dense and rounded neat appearance, and longer strands should remain on the face, forming a peculiar and characteristic beard. Careful and professional care is required for the Kerry Blue Terrier at least once every six weeks. The hairs from the ears must be plucked and the ears must be kept clean, since these dogs are generally prone to developing ear infections. Molting is practically absent. In order to preserve the beauty of the coat, to prevent tangling or the formation of tangles, it is necessary to comb and clean the dog at least once a week. If the beard becomes very dirty, the dog should be bathed, usually weekly.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is an intelligent and active breed that strives to win the praise of its owner by all means. However, if you want your pet to develop into a well-mannered and polite dog, consistent training, a steady hand, and a wide variety of training methods are imperative. To be successful in obedience training requires both persistence and confidence.


Dogs of this breed truly enjoy long walks. The problem is that it is recommended to wash their long hair after each such walk, especially those strands that are located on the lower torso and on the legs. In fact, the Kerry Blue Terrier does not require a significant amount of exercise, but this is still not a sufficient reason to deprive the dog of the pleasure that it gets from regular exercise with its owner.

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