Kishu Ken: Dog Breed Description

Extremely prized for their talents in hunting deer and wild boar, Kishu Ken dogs are now considered a National Treasure in their homeland, Japan. Now these dogs are used only as a family companion or for grazing. Kishu Ken are rarely exported from the country, and it is almost impossible to acquire them somewhere outside its borders.


Kishu Ken is a medium-sized dog, sturdy, muscular and very well built, possesses strength, courage, agility and endurance. At one glance at her, the special spirituality and noble origin of this extraordinary animal are noticeable.


For breeders who do not have sufficient experience, it is better not to start a dog of this breed. Kishu Ken has a loyal personality and is an intelligent dog that you can always rely on. And although Kishu Ken treats all family members well, he most closely resembles only one person, whom he considers his master. He gets along well with children and dogs, with whom he grew up in the same house. However, due to the fact that dogs of this breed have a very strong instinct to chase game, it is not recommended to take them into the house if you already have a cat or other small animals. Strangers are treated coldly and alienated, however, without aggression. This is a very quick-witted, calm breed of dog with good manners.

Wool and care

Kishu Ken’s wool – consists of two layers and protects it well from bad weather. The outer layer is short, straight and hard to the touch, the undercoat is soft and close to the dog’s body. The hair on the tail and cheeks is somewhat longer. Kishu Ken has an active seasonal molt twice a year. In order to prevent felting and mats formation, it is recommended to brush the dog weekly with a stiff brush with stable bristles. Particular attention should be paid to cleaning during seasonal molts. In order not to violate the protective properties of the dog’s coat, you can bathe it only in case of urgent need. It is important to regularly trim the nails and check the dog’s ears to ensure that no dirt accumulates there. Since this breed is extremely rare, there is currently no data on diseases characteristic of the Kishu Ken.


Early socialization and obedience training is recommended for Kishu Ken. Dogs of this breed require an active dominant trainer; the fact is that they can be stubborn and rather intractable. No harsh or arbitrary methods should be used, teaching should be conducted with respect, firmness, fairness and consistency.


Dogs of this breed are not suitable for living in an apartment. They need constant physical activity, and therefore they feel best in a home with a large, well-fenced yard or on a rural farm. Kishu Ken genuinely enjoys human interaction and is a great companion for jogging, hiking, walking and grazing.

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