Komondor: Dog Breed Description

The Komondor is a confident, serious dog that is always ready to protect you. He is handsome in appearance, loves people, very affectionate, but is careful with strangers. However, if Komondor does not feel threatened by you, it will warm up very quickly. This is a resolute breed that is perfectly capable of guarding herds and flocks.


The Komondor can show defensive reactions, but he calms down rather quickly if he feels that his house is not in any danger. He is very obedient and loves to be praised. Due to its protective qualities, Komondor must be socialized at an early age.


The Komondor is extremely loyal to his family, he is a loving and loyal dog. This is a good guard, and, moreover, from nature, therefore Komondors are often used to protect various objects, however, it should be borne in mind that his protective instincts easily turn into aggressiveness, since he is inclined to protect everything that he considers his own.

Wool and care

The Komondor has a long and soft white coat that falls off in a kind of pigtails. Previously, the coat of this breed of dogs helped them not to stand out against the background of a flock of sheep and made them completely invisible. The Komondor coat should be heavy and always natural looking. Dogs of this breed can be very prone to flea and tick bites and should be examined regularly. After all, Komondor’s wool is extremely thick and dense, and its loose structure creates significant obstacles to the removal of parasites. Note that long hair grows on the paw pads as well, so they should be inspected regularly and trimmed as needed.


The Komondor is certainly a very intelligent dog, but he can show independence and stubbornness, therefore, it is necessary to start teaching obedience at a very early age. While there is a puppy in front of you, it is necessary to bring him more “into people” so that he can get acquainted with new conditions and surroundings. This will help to avoid further aggression on the part of the dog.


Komondor dogs are not suitable for keeping in a city apartment or in a condominium. Of course, this dog is just made for farm life. However, it can also be kept in your home if you have a spacious and well-fenced yard. I must say that Komondor is generally lazy, but he will do the exercises because he has a very developed sense of responsibility.

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