Kooikerhondje: Dog Breed Description

This rare dog breed was bred in the Netherlands back in the 16th century. The Kooikerhondje were used to lure and hunt ducks. Unfortunately, during the Second World War, this wonderful breed was almost lost. True, in 1943, Baroness von Hardenbrock van Ammerstol began the difficult task of restoring her. But even today, the Kooikerhondje remains an extremely rare breed, and it is very, very difficult to acquire this dog.


Kooikerhondje is extremely rare outside the Netherlands. It is a medium sized dog, a bit like a Spaniel or Setter. She is brave, versatile and agile. Dogs of the Kooikerhondje breed are excellent at tracking and scaring feathered game.


Kooikerhondye is a lively, attentive, and good-natured dog. You should not start this breed if you have small or noisy and naughty children at home. Kooikerhondje are very devoted to their family and behave extremely coldly with strangers. Dogs of this breed get along well with other pets with which they grew up in the same family. They make excellent hunting assistants or great house companions.

Wool and care

Dogs of the Kooikerhondje breed have a double waterproof coat. The length of the outer layer ranges from medium to long, it is smooth and slightly wavy. Very beautiful and fluffy tail, additional “decorations” are on the back of the legs, chest and ears. The undercoat is short and rather dense. Kooikerhondje requires periodic cleaning, and bathing the dog should only be done if absolutely necessary. It is important to check and clean your pet’s ears regularly. Typical diseases for this breed are epilepsy, von Willebrand disease, eye diseases, patella dislocation and myelopathy.


The Kooikerhondje is an extremely sensitive and impressionable breed of dog that should not be treated with harsh or arbitrary methods. Teaching should be conducted with kindness, fairness, patience, and consistency.


Dogs of this breed are not suitable for keeping in an apartment or in the city. They require constant physical activity and therefore they feel best in rural areas, where they will have many opportunities and places for free movement, walking and, of course, hunting.

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