Kuvasz: Dog Breed Description

Kuvasz is an incredibly intelligent breed of dog, very loyal and loyal, making an excellent service dog. Kuvasz has a very strong protective instinct, he vigilantly guards his family and his territory, which makes him a good watchdog.


Kuvasz is suspicious of strangers, and therefore he needs intense socialization, which will relieve him of both shyness and excessive aggressiveness. A very obedient dog who is always ready to protect his family no matter what the circumstances.


Since dogs of this breed have long been used for grazing, they really have a very developed protective instinct, and therefore these dogs may not be suitable for every family. However, they do well with children, subject to adult supervision, of course. Kuvasz is very affectionate and affectionate towards his family.

Wool and care

Kuvasz has a very beautiful thick coat, consisting of two layers. The coat is not soft, but a little harsh, even rough to the touch and is never smooth. But the undercoat is thin, dense, soft and slightly silky. The outer layer of the coat can be either straight or slightly wavy. Dogs of this breed require regular and thorough brushing, right down to the undercoat. This will remove dead and fallen hairs, and will also prevent the dog’s fur from falling off. The colder climates are best suited for these dogs, they do not tolerate heat, both physically and mentally. In hot climates, Kuvasz’s molt is constant; in more temperate or colder climates, molting occurs only in season.


Dogs of this breed are extremely intelligent and obedient by nature and obedient, but they require a firm hand and, at the same time, affection and tenderness in training. The fact is that Kuvasz perfectly distinguishes the slightest shades of the tone of your voice. Kuvasz is showing his best side in grazing and obedience competitions.


Kuvasz requires regular vigorous exercise, preferably daily. If the energy of Kuvasz does not find a proper outlet for himself in active pursuits or in training, he will become bored and in this case his character may become destructive. This breed must have plenty of room to run freely without feeling too limited. Therefore, it is advisable that you have a house with at least a medium-sized yard.

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