Labradoodle: Dog Breed Description

A Labradoodle is a dog that results from a cross between a regular Poodle and a Yellow and / or Black Labrador. These dogs are bred to be family companions and to combine the best qualities of both breeds. That is why the Labradoodle has become a really quite popular pet, which many, many families take with great pleasure. However, like every designer dog, it is impossible to say in advance what features your dog will have, this issue requires additional study in each individual case.


Labradoodles are very easy to train as they are very intelligent dogs. They are very intuitive and very energetic. As anticipated in advance, this dog makes an excellent home companion, and with the right training, a very good working dog. This is not surprising, because the Labradoodle combines the features of two extremely intelligent and quick-witted breeds – the Labrador and the Poodle.


The friendly, loyal and energetic Labradoodle is gaining more and more popularity. It makes a good watchdog. With proper socialization, this dog gets along well with children, but if Poodle’s character traits prevail, this can cause certain problems. Also, with adequate socialization, the Labradoodle gets along well with other dogs living with him in the same house, especially if they grew up together, but how he will behave in relation to other, smaller pets, it is impossible to say exactly.

Wool and care

Since the Labradoodle is a designer dog breed, it does not have a specific standard, however, it is preferable that the dog has a fluffy finely curled coat combined with many characteristics of the Labrador. This dog should not shed. To remove dirt and the hair around the dog’s face, it must be regularly cleaned and wiped with a damp cloth. Regular brushing and brushing is necessary for all the rest of the Labradoodle coat to prevent tangling and tangling. Since molting in this dog is completely absent, to remove dead hairs, the Labradoodle must be plucked once or twice a year. However, sometimes this dog still sheds, this will largely depend on its pedigree. Therefore, before recommending a particular Labradoodle to people with allergies, it is necessary to conduct appropriate research. In any case, do not forget to regularly brush the Labradoodle with a stiff brush, this will solve the problem of free hair loss.


The Labradoodle is a very intelligent dog, combining the extraordinary learning ability of both the Poodle and the Labrador. Therefore, he shows himself remarkably in sports such as agility and is very easy to learn. It is only recommended that training methods be changed regularly in order to maintain the dog’s interest in training. With consistent practice, Labradoodle very easily gets used to keeping the apartment clean and successfully participates in various sports.


Labradoodle requires regular training, and for this he must have at least a medium-sized yard, especially since he is extremely fond of all kinds of active and noisy games. In addition, this dog proves to be an excellent companion for long walks or jogging. It’s great if Labradoodle has the same active owner, like himself, who loves walks, hikes and excursions. Do not forget to only bring water for your dog, as it has a very thick and warm coat. A Labradoodle needs at least two hours of daily practice, as one of its parents is an extremely active Labrador Retriever.

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