Labrador Retriever: Dog Breed Description

A dog breed called the Labrador was bred in Newfoundland during the 18th century, and then, in the early 19th century, the Labrador retriever was brought to England. Today, this breed is one of the oldest officially recognized and registered breeds. Due to its versatility and a truly endless number of positive qualities, the Labrador Retriever has become perhaps the most popular pet.


The Labrador is a medium-sized dog, strong, athletic and well-balanced. They are distinguished by a truly outstanding friendliness and an extremely lovable character. There are two types of Labradors: American – tall and lanky, and English – more massive and heavier. This is a sporty breed that skillfully hunts and searches for game. Labradors are highly regarded for their incredible human disposition and loving and loyal nature.


This breed is very intelligent, loyal and deeply loyal to its owner. Labrador is reliable, naturally affectionate and really needs a warm and friendly relationship with a person, he desperately needs your attention. Perhaps there is no other such dog that would treat children so well or get along with other dogs. Meanwhile, Labrador also makes a good watchman, since he is rather cold in relation to strangers. Do not leave the Labrador alone for a long time, for him it is a stressful situation, which leads to the fact that the dog is depressed, and its character can become quite destructive for the environment.

Wool and care

The coat of the Labrador Retriever consists of two layers. The outer layer is straight, short, very close to the dog’s body. The undercoat is soft, dense, resistant to weathering and protects this breed well from cold, all types of precipitation and water. The colors are chocolate, black, and yellow. Shedding medium intensity. The Labrador Retriever needs regular brushing with a stable bristle brush. The undercoat requires special attention, otherwise the coat can get tangled and mats will form in it. Bathing or using dry shampoo should only be done when absolutely necessary. The most typical diseases for this breed are hip and elbow dysplasias, various visual disturbances and progressive retinal atrophy.


This breed is very easy to train. It is recommended to socialize the dog early and complete a general training course with it. The Labrador is a very physically strong dog, and therefore must be taught not to pull the leash while walking, otherwise you will have a lot of trouble with it. Avoid harsh or arbitrary methods, the Labrador needs fair, solid, consistent training based on reward and respect for the dog. He follows the trail well, excels in police work, search and rescue, agility, obedience competitions, is an excellent guide for the blind, and a good helper for people with disabilities.


A charming, courageous, and energetic Labrador retriever requires a lot of physical activity. Dogs of this breed enjoy active family activities, walking with their owner on a leash, swimming and free play in a safe or securely fenced area. If you devote enough time and attention to training with a dog, then the Labrador will feel great in an ordinary city apartment.

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