Laekenois: Dog Breed Description

The Belgian shepherd Laekenois, as the name implies, was bred in Belgium, where it was used to graze and guard sheep. Laekenois is one of the four Belgian Shepherd Dog breeds, and the rarest of the four. In fact, it is the only Belgian Shepherd dog not yet recognized by the American Kennel Club.


The Belgian Laekenois is of medium size, erect and slightly overgrown. It is a sturdy, hardy, agile and athletic dog. The most characteristic feature of the Belgian Laekenois is their coarse, wire-like coat.


The Belgian Laekenois is not at all suitable for beginner breeders. It is an extremely loyal, alert, and protective breed. They desperately need companionship with humans and if left alone for long periods of time or not loaded with enough responsibilities, these dogs can be quite destructive to the environment. The Belgian Laekenois, as a rule, chooses for itself only one master from all family members, to whom it becomes attached with all its dog’s heart. Dogs of this breed develop quite good relationships with the children with whom they grew up. It is important that they are never engaged in rough or harsh games such as wrestling, tug-of-war, or stalking. Also, do not keep these dogs in a house where there are other animals, with the exception of dogs. With the same dogs that they know from their puppy childhood, no misunderstandings usually arise. But the Belgian Laekenois is extremely suspicious of strangers, both people and dogs, and is always ready to defend his family, home and territory.

Wool and care

The Belgian Laekenois is covered with a coarse, fleecy and waterproof wool. The head and muzzle are bordered by a longer frill, and dense, bushy hair grows on the tail. In order to prevent the formation of tangles, this dog needs to be thoroughly brushed daily. Professional wool trimming should be done at least twice a year. You can bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary. The Belgian Laekenois is characterized by conditions such as eye problems, skin allergies, and hip and elbow dysplasias.


The Belgian Laekenois requires early, intensive and long-term socialization and obedience training. This is a demanding and dominant dog breed. Rough or oppressive parenting methods are completely useless. Dog training should be based on firmness, fairness, patience, consistency and, of course, reward.


The Belgian Laekenois requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. These dogs are not recommended to be kept in a city apartment. Laekenois thrives best in the countryside, where he has many of the breed’s usual duties and places where he can run and wander for pleasure. These dogs are especially good at herding livestock, finding and rescuing people, as a bloodhound, policing and transporting goods on sleds.

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