Lakeland Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Lakeland Terrier is a friendly breed of dog that is very cheerful and affectionate, making them ideal partners for family life. Very alert, courageous, and somewhat independent, this breed is, however, not recommended for an inexperienced owner; without proper training, he may develop certain behavioral problems.


The Lakeland Terrier can be extremely wary of strangers, but it gets along well with other dogs and, if properly socialized early, can get along with cats. Since this dog is very fond of chasing anything that will move within its reach, this dog can only be released from the leash in a well-fenced yard.


Lively, courageous and cheerful, the Lakeland Terrier gets along exceptionally well with children. But since this very mobile dog is characterized by natural aggressiveness, like all Terriers, it requires persistent and long-term training. The Lakeland Terrier is very fond of digging in the ground, he is an excellent guard who will never give up what he considers to be his. At the same time, it barks quite a lot

Wool and care

The coat of this breed is double, very thick and dense, which makes caring for them a rather difficult task. The outer coat should be tough and somewhat wire-like in structure, while the undercoat should be soft and close to the dog’s body. Despite the fact that the Lakeland Terrier practically does not shed, it requires careful maintenance. About three times a year, dogs of this breed need professional trimming. In addition, you should regularly pluck the hair in the ears of the dog, as well as constantly monitor the cleanliness of the typical beard of this breed.


This naturally energetic dog requires a variety of training methods. Note that it can be difficult to train the Lakeland Terrier to keep an apartment clean. In order for your pet to develop good manners, he needs to complete a general training course and persistent consistent training.


Like most terriers, the Lakeland Terrier is a very lively dog, and therefore, it is best if he has a medium or at least small yard at his disposal. However, you can do without it. The Lakeland Terrier is a great agility dog ​​and makes a good jogging companion and any lively play.

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