Leonberger: Dog Breed Description

Bred in the city of Leonberg, Germany, officially – in 1846, this versatile dog breed became a favorite of the royal court. Unfortunately, at the end of the First World War, the Leonberger was almost on the verge of extinction, but, fortunately, there were German breeders incredibly loyal to this breed of dogs, who were able to correct this situation. The Leonberger is believed to be the oldest of all German breeds. Today Leonberger continues to be used as a working breed and as a companion dog in Germany, France, Scandinavia. However, in other countries, these dogs have not yet become widespread and are quite rare.


The Leonberger is a graceful, large and strong dog with an affable expression, but at the same time, it looks imposing and, of course, regal. The Leonberger is a sturdy, athletic, and very reliable breed of dog.


Sometimes the representatives of this breed are called “gentle giants“; this is no coincidence – the Leonberger is indeed a very affectionate, loyal, loyal, and trustworthy dog. Calm and even-tempered breed that gets along well with children, dogs and other pets. This dog is very homesick, which is stressful for him, and therefore, if you do not pay enough attention to this dog, or if you leave Leonberger alone for long periods of time, his character can deteriorate, the dog will endlessly bark and destroy environment. Meanwhile. The Leonberger is a very polite, confident dog who is an excellent guardian. But he also needs a loyal owner.

Wool and care

The Leonberger is dressed in two layers of wool. The outer layer is long, luxurious and straight, below there is a thick layer of dense and dense undercoat. On the chest and around the neck of the dog a rich collar lies in a shock; thick and long strands also adorn the front legs and breeches. Molting is almost continuous with a particularly strong loss of hair during the season. Caring for a Leonberger’s coat is not an easy task. First, it needs daily brushing to help minimize the accidental loss of dead hair. But this dog requires special care during seasonal active molts. You can bathe your dog only if absolutely necessary. It is also important to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the dogs’ ears and oral hygiene. Unfortunately, the Leonberger people do not live too long – about 9 years. The most common diseases for this breed are hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, Addison’s disease, volvulus, ectropion, osteosarcoma, abdominal distension and hypothyroidism. Leonberger may be sensitive to certain medications such as sulfa, tranquilizers, and anesthetics.


Leonberger requires early socialization and general training. However, training is given without difficulty, since it is a very intelligent dog that seeks to earn praise from its owner. Do not use harsh or arbitrary methods on the dog, training should be based on respect, fairness, firmness, patience and consistency.


It is not recommended to keep Leonberger in a city apartment. Dogs of this breed require daily active training, constant communication with humans and mental stimulation. Leonberger feels best in a country house with a large fenced yard or on a farm. Leonberger loves to swim, accompany the owner on hikes, walks in the mountains, and generally take part in all active family activities. Dogs of this breed excel in agility, tracking, canistherapy and water rescue.

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