Lowchen: Dog Breed Description

Lowchen is a breed of European origin that was bred in France back in the 14th century. They were called little lions, and the aristocracy loved them very much. Unfortunately, during the first half of the 20th century, dogs of this breed practically died out. However, then, in Belgium, a certain Madame Bennert was found, who gave all her strength to preserve and revive the Lowchen breed. Now in the Guinness Book of World Records this breed, which is also called Lowchen, appears in two nominations at once: as the most expensive and as the rarest dog in the world.


An active, well-balanced, and athletic breed, the Lowchen is a mixture of a calm soul mate and a perky playfulness. They are sweet, adorable and make excellent family companions. Lowchen is extremely positive, sociable, and at the same time has a truly royal style and dignity.


Lowchen is an extremely intelligent, affectionate and sociable dog. He has a loyal, loyal character and is very eager to earn your praise, while showing fearless resourcefulness and courage. Lowchen has a gentle and delicate nature, he is very attached to his family and becomes its full member. Gets along well with children, other dogs and other animals living in the house. The Little Lion Dog has a fragile and graceful appearance, but in fact, it staunchly resists all life’s difficulties and is very hardy. At the same time, she can show you arrogance and stubbornness. Despite its size, Lowchen is always ready to protect his family and will definitely warn you with loud barking about the visit of unexpected visitors or about some suspicious sounds. Dogs of this breed are cheerful and playful, but do not show hyperactivity or nervousness.

Wool and care

Lowchen has a soft and silky coat that is often trimmed to resemble a lion. In essence, they are sheared in the same way as poodles: the back of the body is cut completely to the skin, the mane is left in front, and a small tassel is left at the tip of the tail. In an unshorn dog, the coat grows quite long and wavy, while it never curls. The color can be very different and moreover: during the life of the dog, it changes several times. Molting is completely absent. In order to give Lowchen a classic “lion” look, he needs the services of a professional dog hairdresser, who must trim the dog at least once every four to six weeks. The remaining uncut mane and tail brush require daily brushing in order to prevent tangling or matting of the coat. You need to bathe your dog weekly. It is very important to treat your skin with sunscreen every time you go outside to prevent sunburn. There are no specific diseases in this breed, although there is a tendency to subluxation of the knee joint, skin irritation in the shaved areas and eye irritation caused by long hair.


The high level of intelligence of Lowchen and a strong desire to earn praise make the process of training this dog quite simple. She displays special talents in disciplines such as agility and obedience. Early socialization is important. Proper training is necessary so that the dog does not dig into the ground, to which this breed has a persistent tendency, and also that it does not bark excessively. The best results can be achieved with the help of affection, fairness, consistency, while the learning process should be built in the form of a fun game.


This breed loves daily long walks, jogging and is happy to accompany the owner. These Lowchen gets special joy when you release him from the leash, and he can run free for a while. These are lap dogs that are great for keeping in an apartment, provided, of course, that you will devote sufficient time to walking and playing. A fenced yard is not required for Lowchen, although if it is, then this is also not bad.

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