Malinois: Dog Breed Description

Strong, perfectly protecting its home and its territory, the Belgian Malinois is best suited for official use. Dogs of this breed are always on full alert, they are loyal and very attached to their owner and his family members. Can be used as a watchdog. The Belgian Malinois must always be busy with something, otherwise it can be quite destructive to the environment. Tends to show shepherd instincts.


The Belgian Malinois is a working breed dog that constantly needs certain responsibilities to perform. A very energetic and careful dog, always ready to defend its owners and its territory. If you entrust him with the necessary responsibilities, devote enough time to his education and training, the Belgian Malinois will always be in good spirits and great shape. Requires early and intense socialization.


Possessing an amazing mind by nature, the Belgian Malinois gets along well with children and other pets, if, of course, they have passed the appropriate socialization, and they behave in an adequate way. The most preferable for him is the company of large and not too passive pets, as well as older children. The Belgian Malinois dog is very obedient, it seeks to please, and therefore it turns out to be an excellent service dog.

Wool and care

The Belgian Malinois has a short coat that does not require much maintenance. By its structure, the coat is rough and tough, perfectly protecting the dog from any bad weather. On the neck, the coat is longer and denser. Since the coat is relatively short, it is very easy to keep it in good condition. For these purposes, regular brushing with a stiff-bristled brush is sufficient to remove any dead or loose hair. Bathing your dog should only be done when absolutely necessary, as bathing can disturb the natural fatty coat of the dog’s coat and skin. Shedding is weak, the largest amount of wool is shed by the Belgian Malinois during the corresponding season.


Dogs of this breed are quite easy to train. The Belgian Malinois really wants to please, this is a wonderful working dog and at the same time very smart. It is easy to take a course of obedience training, especially if it is built on the basis of firmness, consistency and consolidation of results. But if you don’t do the proper training, dealing with a Belgian Malinois can be difficult.


The Belgian Malinois is quite suitable for keeping in a city apartment. Of course, in the event that you devote a sufficient amount of time to classes with him. It is even better if he has at his disposal a medium to large fenced enclosure. This is a very active breed and needs regular exercise.

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