Maltipoo: Dog Breed Description

Maltipoo is a designer dog that was created by crossing two breeds: Maltese and top Poodle. These dogs make excellent companions and are often used for canistherapy.

The breed is regarded as a designer breed, but remains unrecognized by international canine associations.


Ideally, the Maltipoo is a well-proportioned, athletic dog that is always in a cheerful and cheerful mood. Dogs of this breed are active, agile and very mobile.


Maltipoo is an affectionate, loyal and loving dog. He gets along well with older children who know how to handle the dog carefully. Get along well with dogs, cats and other pets. Maltipoo is a sweet and friendly pet who trusts absolutely everyone, and therefore does not make a good watchdog out of him.

This little dog retains his puppy spontaneity and love of outdoor games until old age.

Wool and care

Maltipoo can have a long, straight, slightly wavy or curly coat. If you got the long-haired version of the Maltipoo, then it will need daily brushing and combing, otherwise the wool can become tangled and tangles are formed in it. For curly coats, the Maltipoo will need professional trimming. You can bathe your dog only, if necessary, it is recommended to use a moderate shampoo. The most common conditions for this breed are eye and skin problems.


The Maltipoo can display a certain stubbornness from time to time, but it is a very intelligent dog that seeks to earn praise from its owner. Do not use harsh or arbitrary methods on this dog. Training should be conducted on the basis of reward, firmness, fairness, patience, and consistency.


Maltipoo is perfect for keeping in a city apartment. These dogs desperately need constant communication with a person and get real pleasure from walking with their owner on a leash and free games in a well-fenced yard or just in a fairly safe place.

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