Manchester Terrier: Dog Breed Description

The Manchester Terrier was bred in 19th century England and used as rodent hunters. There are two varieties of this breed: Standard and Toy. This version became especially popular during the reign of Queen Victoria. Today, the popularity of the Manchester Terrier has dropped somewhat, although these dogs are excellent companions and still retain all their working qualities.


Compact, agile, and small, the Manchester Terrier is a very agile and athletic dog. He is lively, alert and has a high level of intelligence. Elegant and graceful breed, very attractive in appearance. These Terriers have significantly more pleasant manners and are much more responsive than other members of this vast family.


The Manchester Terrier is an extremely loyal and devoted friend, not only for its owner, but for the whole family as a whole. As a true terrier, he is extremely independent, but conscientiously fulfills his duties. Gets along well with older children in the home, but not recommended for families with other pets. It is a very fighting breed that makes good guards, but at the same time, like all Terriers, it can be quite aggressive. It is very important for the Manchester Terrier to feel constant attention from a person, and this applies not only to a particular owner, but also to all members of his family. If you leave him alone for a long period of time, then the dog can experience serious stress, and if you do this constantly, the character of the Terrier can become destructive: he will start spoiling the surrounding objects and barking continuously.

Wool and care

The coat of the Manchester Terrier is short, dense, shiny, smooth and tightly wrapped around the dog’s body. Color – jet black with mahogany markings. Depending on the type of Terrier, there may be very little or no molting. Dogs of this breed require minimal grooming. In order to prevent accidental hair loss, it is enough to clean the dog from time to time with a rubber glove or a bristle brush. It is important to constantly check and brush your pet’s teeth and ears. The most common diseases for this breed are cataracts, epilepsy, glaucoma, Legg-Calvet-Perthes disease, dislocated patella and von Willebrand disease. And although a dog of this breed is best kept in a warm climate, it should never be left in the sun.


Early and intensive socialization and obedience courses are urgently required for the Manchester Terrier. However, these dogs quickly understand what exactly is required of them, since they are extremely quick-witted and strive to earn praise from their owner. Do not use harsh or arbitrary methods, the best results can be achieved with firmness, fairness, consistency, consistency, respect for the dog and patience. The Manchester Terrier excels in agility and obedience competitions.


This highly energetic dog breed requires a lot of physical activity and constant exercise. The Manchester Terrier enjoys long walks with the owner on a leash and, of course, free, noisy and active games in a well-fenced yard. A dog of this breed must be constantly monitored, since these Terriers are real masters of escape, they simply have no equal in this regard. The Manchester Terrier may well be kept in a city apartment, provided that he is properly trained not to bark, and of course, if the owner devotes enough time to walking and active activities with the dog.

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