Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog: Dog Breed Description

Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog, or Maremmano Sheepdog is an Italian working dog breed. Today the maremma is a rarity. This breed is intended to protect the herd and other property of its owner.


Maremmano Sheepdog is a strong shepherd dog that has a majestic appearance and knows its worth. It is a large and well-built dog with a somewhat aloof appearance.


Maremmano Sheepdog is a working dog, not suitable for the role of a pet. She is smart and independent. This breed is extremely adept at protecting farms, herds and people. Maremma dog gets along well with dogs and other pets, and is also very attentive to children. He is extremely alert and prone to excessive barking. Maremma dog is loyal, loyal and affectionate.

Wool and care

The Maremmano Sheepdog has two layers of wool. The outer layer is long, dense, coarse and slightly wavy, while the undercoat is soft and dense. Maremma dog’s wool perfectly protects it from any vicissitudes of the weather. This breed sheds profusely twice a year. This dog needs to be brushed regularly to remove loose and dead hairs, especially during shedding. The ears and paw pads of the maremma dog should be periodically cleaned of debris stuck in them. Due to the rarity of this breed and the lack of active breeding work, this dog does not have any genetic diseases. However, this breed does not tolerate too hot climate.


Early socialization and early obedience training are recommended for the Maremmano Sheepdog. This dog perceives the owner as an equal friend and requires the same attitude towards himself. She will not tolerate rudeness, she must be respected and trained, taking into account her opinion.


Maremmano Sheepdog is not suitable for living in an apartment or city house; she needs a farm where she can get the necessary amount of physical and mental stress. This dog will feel great if it has space for independent walks and real work for body and mind.

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