Mastiff: Dog Breed Description

A mastiff is a guard dog that the nobility used for hunting, and the peasants for grazing livestock. Also, this breed participated in dog fights and fought in the arena with bulls and bears. The mastiff almost disappeared during the Second World War, but has been restored thanks to individuals preserved in the United States and Canada.


The huge, muscular, powerful mastiff is considered one of the heaviest dogs. The male can weigh in excess of 90 kg (200 lb). It is a fearless, brave, dominant dog. The Mastiff is often called the gentle giant because he is majestic and carries himself with dignity.


The Mastiff is an alert, reliable and intelligent dog, extremely loyal to its family. This dog does not tolerate loneliness; this dog needs human love and friendship. He gets along well with teenagers and gets along well with the pets he grew up with. It is a watchdog and guard dog, deeply devoted to its family. This breed is not recommended for beginners, inexperienced or passive breeders.

Wool and care

The mastiff has double hair. The outer layer is short, coarse and straight, and the undercoat is dense, close to the body. The color of this breed can be apricot, fawn or brindle, while the nose, muzzle and ears of the dog are usually black. Mastiff wool requires minimal maintenance, it is enough to periodically clean it with a stiff brush. This dog should be bathed only, when necessary, it is even better to use dry shampoo. The Mastiff is prone to hip and knee dysplasia, bloating, retinal atrophy, cardiomyopathy, eversion of the eyelids and twisting of the stomach. Also, this breed is prone to snoring and increased salivation.


Early socialization and early obedience training are essential for this breed. A Mastiff needs a dominant trainer. Despite the fact that this dog always strives to please its owner, training can be quite difficult. Sharp training methods are not suitable for this breed, the mastiff must be treated with respect, patience, honesty and stamina. Mastiffs excel in guard, military, police work, as well as in the transport of goods, search and rescue of people.


Mastiff is inactive and rather lazy. It is recommended that you often walk this dog on a strong leash or in a securely fenced yard. This breed can be kept in an apartment if it receives enough attention and a sufficient amount of physical activity. It is also important that the mastiff feels needed and happy.

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